Art of K9Disc eBooks Released

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Pretty exciting, and just in time for Christmas, the Art of K9Disc has been released in eBooks format. The printable PDF file and the iBooks version have been released to the public. All of the crazy dog people who pre-ordered have been notified and they’ve got their copies. Download a digital copy in time for Christmas @ What’s Next? …

Success vs Performance in Dog Sports

Success Vs Performance Requirements

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Disc dogger’s have a problem. We all want to play this game so darned much that it’s hard to remain consequent and focused on the component skills that build our game. Once our dogs start to approach the realm of performance potential, it’s hard to keep our focus on being successful because of the handler’s expectation of performance. This is classic putting the cart before the horse behavior and can be very detrimental to a team’s long term potential.

PVybe Disc Dog Camp – Learning to Drop

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Laura starts out by freeshaping the Drop and adjusting her position so Lakota doesn’t get to drop discs in front of her at her feet. Once the Drop is freed up a bit, Laura shifts gears and uses a Prompt Switch to get the drop happening right after the cue is given. This creates a pattern of the dog dropping away from the handler.


Distance Learning Group Video Chat

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We’ve been working really hard here at PVybe HQ on our distance learning program. Earlier this summer Google+ came out and really changed our game with their group video chat application, Google Hangouts. We are now doing live group video chats with our Disc Dog Foundation classes and we have put together a Personalized Training program that we’ll be rolling …

Faster Toss and Fetch Retrieve

Flipping the Field for Toss and Fetch Retrieve Speed

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This is the third and last installment of our Improving Toss and Fetch Retrieve Series. This content will be covered completely in video, images and text in our next Disc Dog Foundation online distance learning class which starts Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2011. It will also be added to the first update of the DiscDogger’s Toolkit. Reward Placement and Field Pressure …