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    Disc Dog Camps & Seminars

    Learn to play disc with your dog with world renowned Dog Sport Studio, Pawsitive Vybe.

    We have a deep understanding of positive dog training, throwing mechanics and the game of disc and are experts in dog behavior.

    Pawsitive Vybe delivers all the tools necessary for quality disc play.

    Catch the Pawsitive Vybe and learn more about the game of disc than you thought possible. Throwing, routine building, canine training, style development, safety and philosophy – This is the best Disc Dog learning experience out there, hands down.

    Mini-Clinics Seminars and Personal Lessons Available.


    Deep and Flexible Positive Training

    Learn how to get the most out of your training. Understand and leverage the combined power of Classical and Operant Conditioning. Catch the Pawsitive Vybe!

    Pawsitive Vybe delivers a deep understanding of the principles of Positive Dog Training to all experience levels in a fresh and easy to understand manner. Get a fresh perspective on Positive Training theory and practical application.

    Mini-Clinics Seminars and Personal Lessons Available.

    Positive Training Clinics and Seminars are focused on 4 areas:

    PVybe Dog Training Seminar Details

    Communicating Concepts

    Learn more about the Positive Marker than you ever thought possible. The Positive Marker can and does do more than simply mark a behavior. The Positive Marker is capable of delivering great understanding about the root concepts of behavior. Do you know the difference between what your dog did and what he knows? Does your dog?

    Skinner vs Pavlov

    Understanding the Principles of Classical (Pavlov) and Operant (Skinner) Conditioning is key to successful dog training. We eat, sleep and breathe this stuff and can break extremely technical concepts down into perfectly plain English.

    Opportunity and Variable Reinforcement

    Dogs don’t earn the cookie, they earn the opportunity to get the cookie. A missed opportunity can be a more powerful motivator than a fat piece of steak. Learn how to use variable reinforcement to get your dog to work more for less.

    Freight Training:

    Freight Training is creating a game out of nothing but reinforcement. Every behavior becomes, in and of itself, reinforcing. This creates a freight train effect, where the game builds momentum and cannot be stopped.


    Tugging is not tug of war!

    Teach your toy motivated dog to retrieve, drop, bite and to have patience in drive. Dogs can think when they’re losing their minds.

    A great motivator and positional tool, Bitework/Tugging has been used by dog Sport enthusiasts for a long time.

    Pawsitive Vybe takes a deep understanding of Positive Training and a fresh and creative perspective on Bitework and turns them into something else entirely – Bitework for Behavior.

    Get a bite, drop and a retrieve in moments and get them under pressure and in Operant Drive. This is the learning experience for dog sport enthusiasts.

    Mini-Clinics Seminars and Personal Lessons Available.

    Bitework for Behavior Clinics and Seminars are focused on 4 areas:

    Bitework 4 Behavior Seminar Details

    In Search of Operant Drive

    Operant and Drive Do mix! Shaping and capturing can work while your dog is engaged in drive. Teaching your dog to think when he’s lost his mind is what this learning experience is all about.

    Jedi Mind Drop

    In our brand of bitework, drop equals play. Your dog will learn to love to drop because dropping is the path to all things good in bitework. For those of you who are training geeks: Learn how to make the Drop a Conditioned Reinforcer.

    • Drop = Play
    • You love to drop.
    • Dropping as Conditioned Reinforcer

    A conditioned reinforcer is a previously neutral stimulus. If the neutral stimulus is paired with a primary reinforcer it acquires the same reinforcement properties associated with the primary reinforcer.

    Handler Focused Play

    In the game of Tug of War, the focus of the game is on the target. In our flavor of bitework, the focus of the game is on the handler. Just as in good Positive Training, all reinforcement flows through the handler. Handler Focused Play is a key to attaining a state of Operant Drive.

    Freight Training

    Freight Training is creating a game out of nothing but reinforcement. Every behavior becomes a secondary reinforcer – in and of itself, reinforcing. This creates a freight train effect, where the game builds momentum and cannot be stopped.


    Make Throwing Discs Easy

    Learn to throw discs to dogs with Pawsitive Vybe. Creative releases, throwing drills, placement and timing, all covered in this truly unique learning experience.

    Pawsitive Vybe has traveled all across North America and Europe teaching people how to throw discs to their dogs.

    We have an easy and simple learning through play philosophy that makes chucking plastic a cinch.

    Mini-Clinics and Personal Lessons Available.

    A Throwing Mini-Clinic runs between 3-4 hours and is focused on 4 areas:

    Creative Releases

    Learn at least 4 different creative releases and get the technical keys to ensure success. Learning through play is our philosophy and the games we play are a riot.

    Throwing Seminar Details


    Fidgets are tricks that help to add flash to your game and give you confidence in handling a disc. Pawsitive Vybe developed the concept of fidgets in the game of disc and we’re able to teach them quickly and efficiently.

    Placement and Timing

    Your dog can’t jump if the disc isn’t in a good spot and a bad throw can make the best dog look painfully average. We has spent several years developing a framework for understanding disc placement and timing and we have the drills and knowledge to teach you what you need to know to make your dog look like a star.


    Add some yardage to your tosses. A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? Check this out:



    Want to learn how to throw like a pro? Personalized throwing instruction that takes into account your athletic history and is recognized across the planet as the gold standard of disc dog throwing instruction.

    Personal Lessons

    1 Hour – $75 1/2 Hour – $40

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