Epic Summer FlashJam #8

On Paper:

  • Big OverMost players have several overs and the Big Over is the largest, and most impressive of them. Frequently, the Big Over goes over the center of the handler’s body, but that is not a necessity. Generally speaking, the Big Over is your largest and most impressive Over.... More to Back StallA Stall happens when your dog leaps up and stays on a part of your body. Stalls are usually named by the part of your body they happen on.  If your dog leaps up onto your back and chills out up there, whether it be it be standing, lying down, or sitting, it’s a Back Stall. The Back Stall can... More:
    We don’t really have a Big OverAn Over is any leaping catch that happens over top of the handler’s body. Overs are usually named by the part of the body over which the dog flies, i.e - Leg Over, or the position you are in while doing the Over - Seated Over, Spinning Over, etc. Overs should be taught before Vaults.... More, so it is nice that this is the opening skill. Takes a bit of pressure off.
    It should be a nice move to our Back StallA Stall has the dog leaping up and chilling out on the handler’s back. Stalls are great for showmanship and for presenting a dog to the crowd. They create a dramatic or emotive pause amidst the craziness of a disc dog freestyle routine.... More, which features a caught disc during a super floaty stalling leap. Great sequence for practicing this skill.
  • Back Stall to ThroughA Through is a set up move where the dog runs between the handler’s legs. The dog can move from front to back or side to side and can even weave. A Through can be done in both the clockwise and counter clockwise directions.... More:
    Our standard dismount. I do have a choice as to whether I bring him through clock or counter clock. The Heli Out performance on the first rep or two will give me the answer.
  • Through to Heli Out:
    Not sure how we’re going to handle this. I’m envisioning a quick flip as soon as the flank gets set with the finish of the Through behavior.
  • Heli Out to Overhand Wrist Flip:
    Might be a skipping under opportunity here. Heli out is a BIG flipping skill.
    No idea at all other than that…

In Practice:

We will be running this sequence in the near future… Stay Tuned.

Lessons Learned: