Epic Summer FlashJam #5 – Might Be a Keeper

On Paper:

This one might be a keeper…

  • FakieAn athletic Set Up Move, the Fakie is a flip off of the handler's body (normally the chest) with no disc in flight or intended to be caught. It is usually named by the part of the body the dog flips from: Back Fakie, Hip Fakie, Foot Fakie. A Fakie is similar to a flyball box turn.... More Spin to Leg OverAn Over is any leaping catch that happens over top of the handler’s body. Overs are usually named by the part of the body over which the dog flies, i.e - Leg Over, or the position you are in while doing the Over - Seated Over, Spinning Over, etc. Overs should be taught before Vaults.... More:
    Nifty little move requiring handler movement WHILE the dog executes the Fakie.
  • Leg Over to JakieThe Jakie is a trick where the dog intercepts the disc on the way to the handler's body and then uses the handler's body to safely and stylishly flip to land the trick.... More:
    Another little chase move, crowding the dog will be necessary, probably a spinning handler to meet Epic and halt him for the Jakie.
  • Jakie to Body Roll Flip:
    Cool, cool sequence here. The Body Roll Flip is a move that has, until just recently, had a very static sequencing ability; I could only do it after a Strong FlipA Strong Flip is a purposeful reorienting, cartwheeling, or flipping action in pursuit of a flying disc to the dog’s strong flipping side. Dogs have a strong and a weak side when it comes to flipping. One side will yield better and more natural flips. That side is your dog’s strong side, and will yield the Strong Flip. It is... More.
    But, that’s changed with a Disc Dog Flash Jams​ sequence a few weeks ago. Now we’re looking for other moves to sequence the Body Roll Flip with.
    This Jakie puts Epic in completelythe wrong direction for our standard, clockwise (weak side) Body Roll Flip.
    But, this Jakie puts him in position to make a clockwise, Strong Flip, which we have not done before.
    It’s pretty exciting.
  • Body Roll Flip to HoopA Hoop is an Over or Vault that travels through a hoop made from your arms or body. A Hoop expresses great teamwork and connection between dog and handler.... More:
    It should be a well lined up trick right after the catch. We need to add a disc to the skill too. I think Epic is ready.

In Practice:

Lessons Learned:

I completely forgot about the Hoop finish. Hups, my bad… We’ll get some shots at it in the future…

Big Fakie to Leg Over

Stepping away for the Leg Over was not really necessary because of the scale of his Fakie Spin. Epic was really driving off of me. If I were to keep this move I would work on getting a bit more distance, probably by moving away. But Epic doesn’t really have a big strong Over skill, so I decided to stick with what worked for learning the sequence.

It is easier to fix stuff once the sequence is intact and understood. Then the handler has some leverage and increased likelihood of success.

Leg Over to Jakie

The Leg Over is resolving a bit to soft for me. After Epic makes the catch he has a bit too much of an outrun, jogging around in a clockwise direction before settling into FrontFront is a stable position directly in front of the handler. Front is an traditional obedience skill. Usually your dog sits in this position, but standing is often acceptable as well, especially in the game of disc dog freestyle. It is important to have a stable Front position for training and performing many disc dog tricks. Your Front position should... More position.

I thought of a solution right after we quit. If I move during the over and cut the dog off on his outrun, I should be able to reduce the amount of time and distance Epic covers after the over. A moving handler should be able to cut the dog off by moving into the dog’s chosen line.

I think I will give this a shot by “peeling off”, turning in a counter clockwise fashion immediately after the toss to head Epic off before he can get on that outrun.

Back Jakie to Body Roll Flip

We are still not very solid with this move. It’s getting a bit better now that we’ve split it off from the Strong Flip and started to use it in conjunction with other tricks, but it’s still not there. And it’s a pretty tough throw, to boot.

The Back Jakie finishes with the dog on the left or Clockwise Flank, making the Body Roll Flip a Heli Out — a flip that goes against the direction of the Flank. Cuing Heli Out seemed to help him make the right decision on the flipping direction.

This piece of the sequence is certainly going to be a keeper.