Epic Summer FlashJam #4 – Chase That Dog!

On Paper:

Going to have to move a bit on this one…

  • CrossA Cross is an canine agility term that describes a change of working sides. Your dog moves from your left to your right (Heel to Side) or from Clock to Counter. Crosses are labeled be the relationship of handler to the dog. A Front Cross is a cross with the handler in front of the dog. A Rear Cross has... More Body Back VaultThe dog uses the player´s body as a launching pad to jump for a disc. A Vault is a leaping catch from the handler’s body. The dog leaves the ground for the target and uses the handler’s body to get there. There are many different styles and variations of vaults, but they are commonly described by the part of the... More to FakieAn athletic Set Up Move, the Fakie is a flip off of the handler's body (normally the chest) with no disc in flight or intended to be caught. It is usually named by the part of the body the dog flips from: Back Fakie, Hip Fakie, Foot Fakie. A Fakie is similar to a flyball box turn.... More Twist:
    Chase the dog after the Vault to an immediate Fakie Twist (counter clock spinSpins and Twists are tricks where the dog spins 360 degrees in a clockwise or counter clockwise fashion. Spin is clockwise and Twist is counter clockwise so it is important to have a cue for each skill. Feel free to call them what you want.... More off the handler).
  • Fakie Twist to BackhandThe Backhand toss is the traditional disc throw. While it might not be the easiest throw of them all, it is the easiest to throw a hundred yards, and it is the easiest to float and hover, and that’s what discs are supposed to do. The Backhand throw will be your best and most accurate throw. Be sure to leverage... More:
    This will probably go out to the right, and might actually be thrown UNDER the flipping dog.
    Funny how nothing becomes something real quick, eh?
  • Backhand to Reverse Leg Vault Dog CatchA Dog Catch is a great trick to use for hitting the crowd or for putting a strategic pause in your routine. The dog leaps to catch the disc and then you catch the dog. Often performed during a Gainer Flip, the Dog Catch highlight’s the connection between dog and handler. A Dog Catch can also be done without the... More:
    I’ve never done this on the run before. The idea will be to meet the dog at the point of the Backhand Catch and be waiting there for an immediate flowing Reverse Leg Vault to Dog Catch.
  • RLV Dog Catch to AroundAn Around, or a Go Around is the traditional disc dog set up move. The dog goes around the handler’s body in a clockwise or counter clockwise fashion allowing dog and handler to develop a sense of timing and team movement. Arounds usually start in front of the handler and have the dog circling close to the handler’s heels.... More Clock:
    TakeA Take is a cued Bite that replicates the placement and timing of a throw. Usually used with overs, vaults, and flips, the Take is a powerful teaching tool for creating habitual leaping and commitment to flying targets. Takes allow the handler great latitude in placing discs. Just pop it out there sharply and hold it; it’s easy to place... More a break buddy… You’ve earned it.
    I might try to freshen up the dish (dismount) a bit. We’ll see…

In Practice:

We will be running this sequence in the near future… Stay Tuned.

Lessons Learned: