Epic Summer FlashJam #3

On Paper:

Some nice team movement stuff in here, with a couple of key concepts, I think.

  • Kneeling OverAn Over is any leaping catch that happens over top of the handler’s body. Overs are usually named by the part of the body over which the dog flies, i.e - Leg Over, or the position you are in while doing the Over - Seated Over, Spinning Over, etc. Overs should be taught before Vaults.... More to Flag & Flash Over:
    Kind of an interesting way to get up off the ground. If I run the over slow, the Epic should be pressuring me to stand up.
    Popping up and over at the same time could be pretty spiffy and spinny.
  • Flag & Flash to Weak FlipA Weak Flip is a purposeful reorienting, cartwheeling, or flipping action in pursuit of a flying disc to your dog’s weak side. Dogs have a weak and a strong side when it comes to flipping. One side will yield better and more natural flips, and the other side will yield less impressive or less athletic flips. The Weak Flip is... More:
    Epic’s Weak Flip is Clockwise. The Flag & Flash is a Counter Clock Skill. It should provide a nice elastic finish to the Flag & Flash move and an interesting start to the not so impressive Weak Flip.
  • Weak Flip to Counter Clock Twist:
    An additional Counter Clock Twist will make three counter clock spinny things in a row. Cranking Epic up.
  • Clock Twist to AroundAn Around, or a Go Around is the traditional disc dog set up move. The dog goes around the handler’s body in a clockwise or counter clockwise fashion allowing dog and handler to develop a sense of timing and team movement. Arounds usually start in front of the handler and have the dog circling close to the handler’s heels.... More Counter Clock:
    Crank him up and spit him out.

In Practice:

We will be running this sequence in the near future… Stay Tuned.

Lessons Learned: