Epic Summer FlashJam #2 – The Rotten Sequence

On Paper:

This is a pretty rotten sequence.

  • Counter Flank to the ass dropping Seated OverAn Over is any leaping catch that happens over top of the handler’s body. Overs are usually named by the part of the body over which the dog flies, i.e - Leg Over, or the position you are in while doing the Over - Seated Over, Spinning Over, etc. Overs should be taught before Vaults.... More:
    Flanking to Overs and Vaults doesn’t work very well. I’ll get two shots at it. Maybe that’s the lesson… meh
  • Seated Over to Backwards ThroughIf your dog moves through your legs from back to front, that is a backwards Through. The Backwards Through usually sets up in one of two ways depending on where your dog’s starting position is. Either your dog is already behind you, in which case it’s a straight shot through your legs to the front of you. Or your dog... More:
    might be interesting, I anticipate some hustle being necessary to get ass off the ground and meet the dog to make it flow a bit.
  • Backwards ThroughA Through is a set up move where the dog runs between the handler’s legs. The dog can move from front to back or side to side and can even weave. A Through can be done in both the clockwise and counter clockwise directions.... More to Flank Clock:
    Kind of a non move, but it might look competent and cool.
  • Flank Clock to Leg VaultThe dog uses the player´s body as a launching pad to jump for a disc. A Vault is a leaping catch from the handler’s body. The dog leaves the ground for the target and uses the handler’s body to get there. There are many different styles and variations of vaults, but they are commonly described by the part of the... More:
    No thanks. The arcing flank makes it really hard to make the Vault happen well.
    A right handed Leg Vault is a clockwise skill. It’s my strong hand. Clockwise Flank to a Leg Vault is a tough move to make flow.
    It would be pretty cool on the counter clock, as you could get the dog to over commit and get a front cross kind of move as the dog shifts from the Counter Clock Flank to the Clockwise Leg Vault.
    I guess I could do a lefty Leg Vault, forcing a turn by the dog from the Clock Flank to counter clock Leg Vault.

In Practice:

We will be running this sequence in the near future… Stay Tuned.

Lessons Learned: