Epic Summer FlashJam #1

On Paper:

  • A couple of spiffy moves in here:
  • Never done a Rut n Flip to Clockwise Spin before.
  • Spin to Rear CrossOn a Rear Cross, the dog switches Flanks with the behind her. From clock to counter clockwise Flank or vice versa. Taken directly from the canine agility world, the Rear Cross is a foundational flatwork skill for team movement. It allows the handler to move the dog around the field in stylish fashion. On the Rear Cross, your dog will... More is interesting, not sure what that will turn into…
  • Rear CrossA Cross is an canine agility term that describes a change of working sides. Your dog moves from your left to your right (Heel to Side) or from Clock to Counter. Crosses are labeled be the relationship of handler to the dog. A Front Cross is a cross with the handler in front of the dog. A Rear Cross has... More to Back JakieThe Jakie is a trick where the dog intercepts the disc on the way to the handler's body and then uses the handler's body to safely and stylishly flip to land the trick.... More is super interesting. I’ve never really flowed into this move, and the Rear Cross will probably add some additional distance on the Jakie.
  • Back Jakie to Mauka Woo might be a keeper. Mauka Woo is a counter clock around that resolves in a little running flip, with Epic looking back at my face. I will probably take a knee for this, as it looks better. Although maybe not… 😀
  • It should look pretty nice coming out of the Back Jakie, which is also counter clock.

In Practice:

Lessons Learned:

Creating a Flank from Spin or Twist

Counter Clock Twist to Rear Cross was pretty sweet. It’s nothing super amazing or anything, a whole lot of team movement to not go anywhere, but there is a great lesson in there.

To resolve the Twist to a Working FlankThe Working Flank is a moving position. On a Working Flank the dog is out to your side some distance and holds position, moving with you as you move around the field. The Working Flank happens on both the clockwise and counter clockwise flank. The clockwise flank is out to the handler’s left with dog and handler oriented in a... More all the handler has to do is start moving in that direction. Just like everywhere else on the field, if the handler moves and leads, the dog follows.

This is impossible to see with the waits included, but I started to tease it our when I got to the left back part of the screen, and by the time we went live it was a done deal — lesson learned. You can see it take shape in the last two live speed reps. While Epic was finishing his Twist, I was sliding to my right, pulling him into a Clockwise Flank.

Once the Clockwise Flank was set the Rear Cross was easy.

During a Twist or a Spin, if the handler moves, the dog will release and move in that direction.

Such a simple little rule. So friggin’ helpful.

Rear Cross to Back Jakie

The Rear Cross to Back Jakie really made the skill pop for us. I thought that might be the case. It might not look like it, but Epic had only done that trick a couple of times before this sequence, and not too successfully, I might add.

The Rear Cross gave us a little bit of space and some timing to work from. Nice.

Back Jakie to Counter Clock Around n Flip

I thought this might wind up a keeper. I think it is. it’s super smooth and flashy. I think there are probably a bunch of neat things available from the Back Jakie that not many people are aware of.