Tao of K9Disc – The Way of Disc Dog Freestyle


Pre Order Only: Autographed copy of the Tao of K9Disc by Ron Watson of Pawsitive Vybe + Production Goodies | Tentative Release Date: Halloween.2018

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Pre Order Only: Autographed copy of the Tao of K9Disc by Ron Watson | 239 pages + Production Goodies | Tentative Release Date: Halloween.2018

Chapter 1 Section 3 Intro:

Tao of K9Disc

The Tao of K9Disc is not a Style, it is a philosophy of sorts. It seeks to openly explore and personalize any and all styles to the dog, handler, and team to help them express themselves honestly, look amazing, and feel good about their play. Tao means the Way. It’s like Buddhism without the Buddha.

At Pawsitive Vybe we eagerly seize and absorb techniques and bits and pieces of training styles, handling styles, other dog sports, human sports – if it’s good and applicable to disc dog freestyle we will grab it and start using it. That is our way.

Other Styles of training and play should be accepted and aspects of them uncovered and appreciated. Understand that there is balance in the world and nobody sees your particular shades of grey in the yin and yang of things.

Pawsitive Vybe adheres to key principles from a philosophical, training, and performance aspect that we shockingly tend to adhere to. Your important principles might be different than ours, and that’s OK. It is not your job nor our job to change that.

Give different Styles and ideas a look, see how they fit within who you are as a player, dog, and team. If they fit. Grab them and use them. They are of value.

Such is the Tao of K9Disc.

Tao of K9Disc

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 – Empty Your Cup
    • On Balance
    • Spirit of the Jam
    • Tao of Pawsitive Vybe
    • Organized Despair
    • The Ways of Disc Dog
    • Formless Freestyle
  • Chapter 2 – Preliminaries
    • Dog Training
    • Position & Movement (practical)
    • Duality: Bite Drop Carry
    • Conceptual Vaults & Overs
  • Chapter 3 – Elements
    • Coordination and Coordinated Play
    • Communicate Effectively
    • Move and Play with Precision
    • Soft Power and Responsibility
    • Accept Balance and Balance the Team
    • Feeling the Way of Things
    • Vision & Awareness
    • Vault & Over Timing
    • Tao of Speed
    • Attitude
  • Chapter 4 – Learning Tools (practical)
    • Tao of Flatwork
    • Art of Linking Tricks
    • Throwing Games
    • Leaping Exercises


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