2018 PVybe MI Disc Dogs Camp | April 26-29 Otsego, MI


Pawsitive Vybe Disc Dog Camp in Otsego, MI. Get in while the gettin’s good.

April 26-29 with UpDog comp on Sunday



Four days and three nights of jamming and training with Ron Watson & Apryl Lea of Pawsitive Vybe

Focus on foundation and leaping with an eye towards advanced performance.

April 26-29 with UpDog comp on Sunday

Pawstive Vybe Spring Training Camp with Ron Watson and Apryl Lea

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Spring Training Camp

This 3 day spring training camp will cater to dogs and handlers at all skill levels, and will include the theory and mechanics of throwing, flatwork, set-up and position, attention and targeting, playing with cookies, and bite work. Working teams will get individual attention, and plenty of throwing practice. To benefit fully from this seminar, working dogs must exhibit drive.


April 26-29 After Noon Thurs… 9-? Fri-Sun


10475 N 6th St

Otsego, MI

Who :

Ron Watson & Apryl Lea

Ron Watson and Apryl Lea have a combined 30 years of disc dog experience at the highest competing levels. Former world and national finalists in several disciplines, Ron & Apryl have conducted camp and seminars across North America and Europe for the last 10 years. They are widely recognized as world leaders in the sport of canine disc.

Ron and Apryl are world class judges having judged national and international qualifiers and world finals with several different organizations.

Ron and Apryl are both professional dog trainers. Apryl trains assistance dogs for Animal Farm Foundation, and Ron runs Pawsitive Vybe’s pet and dog sport training both locally and globally via an online distance learning program.

Check out their website Pvybe.com


Working spot (limited) – $375

Auditing (unlimited) –$175

*Working spot includes dinner on the Friday & Saturday Auditors may pay an additional $10.

Lodging and Camping:

Camping onsite – Limited availability.

The following hotels are located nearby:

Additional information


Single Team, Auditor (no dog), 1 Team +1 Dog, 1 Team + Family Member, Jam in a Flash, Art of K9Disc Print, Art of K9Disc eBook


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