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  • Interior Moves
  • Vaults & Overs
  • Flatwork

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Disc Dog Freestyle is made of many tricks. We have broken them down into 4 categories: Interior Moves, Flatwork, Set Up Moves & Vaults & Overs.

Select the ones you can do and we will whip up a Jam in a Flash for you.

How Do I save my Tricks?


After logging in and navigating to a trick, just select Add to My Moves on any article and we’ll remember that trick for you.

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Then What Do I Do?

Once you have all your tricks, visit your profile and find a fresh jam waiting in the sidebar (below on mobile).


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Interior Moves

Weak Flip

Moves that happen on and around the handler are Interior Moves. Not all Interior Moves include throws.

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Set Up Moves

Flag and Flash Over

Set Up Moves create a sense of timing between dog and handler and establish predictable position. Set Up Moves usually do not include a thrown disc.

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Rear Cross

Flatwork is the stuff that happens between the catches. Flatwork is Flow!

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Vaults & Overs

Leg Vault

Vaults & Overs are the signature moves of disc dog freestyle with the dog leaping over or off of the handler.

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