Toolkit Status Update – Good News/Bad News…

Alright… I got some good news and I got some bad news…

Good News

The good news is that the Toolkit has gone out this morning.

Bad News

The bad news is that it went out to the DVD printing company and won’t be back in my hands for at least 5 business days… I overnighted the master DVD this morning and expect it to be completed and ready to ship on Friday the 16th. They should go out Monday the 19th.

I don’t mean to make light of the situation, I really appreciate all of you early adopters on this project. Your advance purchases funded the initial 100 units of the DiscDogger’s Toolkit and brought it across the finish line. I cannot thank all of you enough for taking advantage of this initial offering.

I still do not have a concrete delivery date, but I should be shipping 10 days from now (give or take) before I’m able to ship these things.

I know, painful… believe me, I know!

Bobbled, but Caught

We have had a rough going on wrapping up the DiscDoggers’s Toolkit. We were done, ready to burn the disc, when we opened up sales, but it turned out that the installer crapped out on windows machines. We had to recompile the application several times because we misplaced some files, and then we had an issue of being between Adobe Air versions – it’s rather techie, but the short story is that using the new stuff would be so much more awesome and allow us to do cool things like allow updating of the application so Toolkit owners can get the latest and greatest PVybe content.

Now we can just send out an update and have things added… Fidgets anyone? Also if anything is wonky we can get a patch out to you guys and fix it, quick, like a bunny. If we were going to be late, we were darn sure going to deliver a smoking product.

Life was a bit rough on all involved over the last 10 days or so, but we got this thing done, and it’s AWESOME!


In order to make things right for all of you for this late delivery, we are going to offer all of you 6 months of free updates after we release our first update of the application. I plan on putting out more content and improving the Toolkit over time, so you can get new information and we can deliver better instruction. It’s a win win, and not only is it a win win, it’s win win that costs you nothing but a bit more patience and hopefully an acceptance of my sincerest apologies for being late on the deadline.

So that’s what I got for you on the DiscDogger’s Toolkit.

I’d like to take a moment and apologize for not getting a good delivery date to you, both over the last couple of days and also for the very near future. It’s not what I intended to have happen. We were on the cusp, within hours, of shipping this out for the last 6 days, after the initial problem was found and being fixed, and I didn’t want to speak out until I had a firm date, or the first week in September delivery date was upon us. It was quite stressful.

I still, to this moment do not have a firm date. I will get that date on Monday. I hope you understand.


Ron Watson

Pawsitive Vybe


  1. David

    I know it’s worth waiting for and I have no trouble waiting a bit longer. I’m in the middle of a big house remodel anyway, so while Dodger and I are still playing every day or two we don’t have a lot of time to change our game anyway.

    BTW, I have been working with a new technique for improving the back vault: Dodge tends to go around behind me often so I am now working with a big empty cardboard box behind me, blocking his path around. It’s early days but I’m hopeful he’ll get the idea. The other issue we are having is that he seems to be losing the idea that he’s supposed to be going up there to catch a disk, not just land and chase it down. Even though my tosses have improved he’s not really going after the disk in the air. I’ve been giving him an “oops” and stopping the game for a moment on those, but because he does recover a disk on the ground it tends to be reinforcing, I fear.

    Again, happy to wait a bit more for the toolkit.


    1. Ron Watson Post author

      Thanks, Dave…

      Your cardboard box is putting pressure on Dodger to avoid that area. It’s probably a similar amount of pressure to that which your body exerts on Dodger to make him move to the free space behind you. Good stuff.


  2. Jeff Socha

    Hi Ron
    That answers a lot of my Q! It will take time to get this right. Suggestion, how about a deck of cards that has all the moves so we can shuffle and pick 5 for routine building? Cant wait to use the Tool Kit and help the out.
    PS just let me know the freight is?

  3. Russel

    Any word on the shipping date for the tool kit?

  4. Russel

    Yes Thanks. I got the email Thur. I hoped it was at the house today, but no luck. I will be waiting by the mailbox!

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