Public Access with Apryl Lea

Last year, Apryl started an Assistance Dog Training Program for Animal Farm Foundation. It’s been going well, if a little slow, but she’s been building relationships with shelters and rescues across the country and we’ve been living with a few “pit bull” type dogs who are in training. It’s been sweet getting to know these guys and amazing to see them realize that they have a job to do once that vest goes on. It’s pretty special stuff, for sure.

Here is a playlist of the Assistance Dog candidates that Apryl’s been working with doing Public Access and a couple of other lessons.

Coast to Coast

Some of these assistance dog training sessions took place at PVybe HQ in New York, but most of them were shot on the road at super cool locations. Seattle, Grand Central Station, the panhandle of Idaho, Montana, Taos and Albuquerque, Minneapolis, Fargo, and probably a few more places. There’s even some footage of air travel and airports.

It’s been a crazy ride that all of us are happy to be taking together. Check them out and see for yourself…