Pawsitive Vybe Show Wrap Up

So the show is winding down…

We’ve got one more episode to round out Season 2. 10 half hour episodes of dog training, PVybe style. The premise of the show was to lay out a detailed, training foundation and provide a glimpse into what life with a large pack of dogs is like.

Check out the original gameplan:

Dog Training Show Gameplan

Delivering on the Dog Training

While we are quite happy with the detailed training foundation, the lifestyle part didn’t quite pan out as well as we wanted it to. The training filled more time in the show than expected. Who would have thought we needed more than a half hour to deliver the training concepts…

Having this overarching plan and delivering the content necessary, in order, on a week by week basis was a challenge, but I think we pulled it off fairly well. We strayed a bit, and shifted gears at the end in order to deliver a little more focus on the nuances of Bitework, but given that Apryl traveled a bunch and the project was quite ambitious, I think we did a pretty fine job delivering some solid dog training that was of interest and benefit to both new and experienced dog trainers.

Lacking on the Lifestyle

And the lifestyle? Outside of some disc dog jam sessions, was just too hard to capture given the one man band nature of our production capabilities. I couldn’t be dog trainer, videographer, editor, marketer, IT guy, and talent. Capturing our lifestyle is no easy task. The cool things happen randomly – it might take 2 hours to get 2 minutes of awesome footage, and I couldn’t handle the files that would be generated, and could not afford the time required to sift through the footage after the fact.

It’s a bummer too, lots of awesome stuff happened over the last 2 months here, stuff that really makes a show like ours pop. You missed Apryl stapling a wound from a dog fight (or not putting staples in), epic dinner parties, extremely comical dog pack stuff, rescue and shelter dog evaluations, assistance dog travel and public access, and a host of other cool things that round out the PVybe lifestyle.

You also missed out on some action and drama – money, ugh, money… Money! Old tired vans limping along and dying… which means that we didn’t do much disc dog travel – like none at all… total bummer, but hey… that’s life in the 21st century, right?

But we’re not done, yet.

Like I said at the beginning of this piece, we’re wrapping up the last episode of the show, and are now working on packaging it up for download and distribution. Want some text with your video? Bandwidth getting you down?

We’re shopping the show around to some production companies in the hopes of getting picked up and put on the TV somewhere, which would be awesome! The show has tons of potential with some production and monetary support. If you have connections in this area (agent, production company, entertainment lawyer) please contact us and make the hook up.

We’re also going to put out an additional episode or 3 over the next month in order to wrap things up and tie up some loose ends.

Thanks to All

Thanks go out, again, to all of the people who supported the show with your thoughts and questions, your sharing on social media, your reviews, and your eyeballs.

To our awesome show backers, thank you so much for your hard earned dollars that made this whole thing possible.