Hops in Rockford #1

Trainer’s Notes:

  • Freeshaped Down earns cookies in Rear of Crate. – 30 seconds
    Hops’ down made cookies happen in the rear of the crate presenting competing interest between crate and public environment.
  • Freeshaped Down to get the hand to the door. – 30 seconds
    Hops’ down made me put my hand on the crate latch. Consequent.
  • Duration on Down or to get the door open. – 30 seconds
    Hops’ getting up prompted hand to be removed from crate latch. After a few breaks of down, Hops held and door opened.
  • Freeshaped eye contact for cookies and then exit. – 30 seconds
    Hops was getting frustrated, so we reduced down criteria to “in the crate” and moved to freeshaped Eye Contact to add value to open doored crate and as path to getting outside – 5 or so cookies. Last eye contact earned exit.
  • Freeshaped reorientation funneled into eye contact. 10 seconds
    Eye contact was obtained through reorientation and reward placement.
  • Freeshaped Look At That and Eye Contact. – 2 minutes
    Used LAT and Eye Contact to keep Hops engaged on his handler. Hops was very biddable and did a fantastic job!
  • Eye Contact rewarded with access to the restroom. – 1 minute
    Hops pulled to the grassy area. Reorientation was marked and reinforced with a cookie. Funneled into Eye Contact with cookies. Eye contact earns right to the Restroom.
  • Freeshaped reorientation and eye contact for some work. 10 seconds
    After a bit of scratching, Hops offered eye contact. A bit of look at that to hold….
  • Freeshaped Eye Contact reinforce with crate. 10 seconds
    Eye Contact earns entry into crate.

Time: 6 minutes.