Canine Freestyle Winter 09 – Class 1

  • Team Ransom – Cavalier
  • Team Irie – Aussie
  • Team Emma – Pit
  • Team Kaia – Golden
  • Team Onyx – Aussie

Young excitable dogs. Just let Emma storm the room to avoid extended mass anxiety.

Worked backing up withe Rear Foot Targeting using reward placementThe dog puts his face where the Cookie or the disc happens. Where you put the reward matters. Reward Placement is huge in disc dog freestyle. Your dog’s face will always wind up where you throw the disc. He will go where the disc happens. If a disc in thrown to a place, the dog will return from that place.... between the heels to ensure backing up behavior happens readily.

Added value with high rate of reinforcment to a channel, table and spotSpot is a “go to a place”, or “go to a mat” behavior. This means that the dog seeks out and performs a duration behavior on a spot of the handler’s choosing. A Pedestal is a raised spot. Anything a dog can leap onto and perch upon. Spots and Pedestals are important dog training tools.... – clearly communicate duration by getting to the release. Ask the dogThe Dog is a player archetype defined by The Dog. There are always a few canine athletes that really separate themselves from the pack. Many great disc dog teams have relied a great deal on The Dog, and many people build an entire style around that unique, once in a lifetime athlete. Any player archetype who executes should, in theory,... off and he gets nothing. So he gets back up. Action pays – independent action.

Spin and TwistSpins and Twists are tricks where the dog spins 360 degrees in a clockwise or counter clockwise fashion. Spin is clockwise and Twist is counter clockwise so it is important to have a cue for each skill. Feel free to call them what you want.... were taught on the table with a focus on building distance on the behavior.

Dogs were well behaved and worked well in the close confines of the space.

There was not enough Look at That (LAT) played in this session of class.

Floor time featured was great. Everyone moved well with their dogs.

Decided to start bringing the dogs into the studio into a freeshaped table. So when any dog walks in to the studio they go hup pup on the table and chill