Art of K9Disc – The Book

Hey all!

Been a while since I’ve posted a blog entry. We’ve been pretty busy with Disc Dog Seminars and Bed and Breakfast stays, and I’ve not quite had the time to devote to the blog. Both Apryl and I have hardly been on Facebook!

While I have not been on line that much, save my the 3rd Shift Netflix fix, I have been working on another project:

This is a Mind Map of our book that has been in the works for a very long time. Here’s a full size image you can check out. Most of this will no doubt look familiar to those of you who have taken seminars or otherwise worked with us, and should give you a good idea of where the book is going.

This image was created with xMind, a Mind Mapping/ Project Management software application for Mac. It’s really pretty awesome and it’s free! If you have a mac you should definitely check it out. This mind map, already a bit out of date, helps me organize my thoughts for the book which, as you can see, is no small undertaking.

I’ve also been working with another application called Scrivener that is not free, but not too terribly expensive, that is designed to create manuscripts and streamline the writing process. Both of these applications have really helped out with organizing and reorganizing a large project like this and I spent the last few days hammering out some pages.

More than 60 pages of the book are complete and there’s a ton of nearly complete stuff that’s floating around on my old computer and in my head. I’m getting ready to watch a little more 3rd shift Writing/Netflix this evening. Another 45 minutes until my unlimited internet kicks in.

Please feel free to post comments and/or questions about the book or the applications.