Art of K9Disc eBooks Released

Pretty exciting, and just in time for Christmas, the Art of K9Disc has been released in eBooks format. The printable PDF file and the iBooks version have been released to the public. All of the crazy dog people who pre-ordered have been notified and they’ve got their copies.

Download a digital copy in time for Christmas @

What’s Next?

Next step is to add the iBooks version to the iTunes store, but that can’t be done until Apple opens the iTunes store back up for app, book, and music submission and management — can you imagine not being able to edit or update your product at this time, sheesh — so we’ll be putting the iBooks version on iTunes on the 29th if possible. Something tells me there is going to be a mighty long line waiting for that.

The print version is at the printers and has been through one proof. Some photos had to be lightened and the text color needed to be adjusted. We should have a firm date on the print version’s release by the first of the year.

Merry Christmas and a Jammin’ New Year!