50% Off Dog Sport and Dog Training Video Assessments


We’re testing out a new application: Wishpond. It is a social media sales campaign application that integrates with all of the popular social networks and has a tipping point kind of effect. It’s super easy to share and distribute offers that we make to the social media world, one of the harder things to do as a small business.

The Offer

I didn’t quite know what to expect when setting up this offer, so the information is a bit sparse. This offer is for 50% off of an online video assessment, normally $20, but with this offer it is $10.

About Video Assessments

You upload the video you want assessed (5 minutes max) via a button on our blog. It goes to your YouTube page with a unique tag and notifies us that it has been uploaded. You can also just link to an existing YT video from our submission form as well.

I will get the notification and then I will watch it and take notes and give you a detailed assessment of the video. We like to do these publicly, meaning we do a really nice public blog post, but we can do these privately if you insist.

I’ll post some additional info – sample assessments and questions answered – in the FB comments box below.