PVybe Disc Dog Camp FL 2012

PVybe Florida Disc Dog Camp – 12/28/12-12/31/12 – Dade City, FL

Where: One Drop Aussie Ranch Dade City, FL

Kat and Jack Fahle’s Place

We have two large fully fenced fields both large enough for disc play, camping, bonfire, etc.  Plenty of space to camp, tent, sit in the shade or the sun (depending on weather).  We will likely get a porta potty if we have any overnight campers… may get one even if we don’t for day time campers (just to reduce the flow of traffic in and out of the house – depends on Ruckus’ health at the time and how much stress he can take).

What: Disc Dog Camp

When: 12/28/12-12/31/12 from 9 a.m. til at least 5 p.m

Who: Ron Watson & Apryl Lea of Pawsitive Vybe

Ron Watson and Apryl Lea have a combined 30 years of disc dog experience at the highest levels of competition. Former world and national finalists in several disciplines, Ron & Apryl have conducted camps and seminars across North America and Europe for the last 10 years and are widely recognized as world leaders in the sport of dog Frisbee.

Ron & Apryl are world class judges having judged national and international qualifiers and world finals events with several different organizations.

Ron & Apryl are both professional dog trainers. Apryl trains assistance dogs for a living, and Ron runs Pawsitive Vybe’s pet and dog sport training both locally and globally via an online distance learning program.

Lodging and Camping: Camping Local Hotels

Camping onsite.

The hotels below are within 20-25 minutes of the Fahle residence.  There are several restaurants, gas stations and a grocery store at this exit (1 exit north of the Fahle’s exit).

Quality Inn & Conference Center

30307 Cortez Blvd, Brooksville, FL, 34602 United States  855-239-9223
Pets allowed – Pet fee – contact hotel for details

Brooksville Days Inn 

6320 Windmere Rd, Brooksville, FL, 34602 United States  855-238-1590
Pets allowed – Pet fee – contact hotel for details

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Brooksville 

30455 Cortez Blvd, Brooksville, FL, 34602 United States  855-239-9222
This property allows pets in specific rooms only (surcharges apply). Guests can request one of these rooms by contacting the property directly.

Microtel Inn and Suites Brooksville

6298 Nature Coast Blvd, Brooksville, FL, 34602 United States  866-539-0036
Pets allowed – Pet fee – contact hotel for details

How Many? 22 Working Teams

This camp will be limited to a maximum of 22 working teams with unlimited auditors – auditors participate in throwing activities just not with their dogs.

What will be taught

  • Registration Open Schedule - 12 noon – ?
    Throwing and Handling Headstart – Get a full day of training and a headstart on camp skills.
  • Day One: Getting Started -9AM-5PM +Evening Training Party til ?
    Foundation set up , flatwork, bitework, Throwing Fidget’s Vault Foundation and Brushes.
  • Day Two: Catching the Vybe +Evening Training Party til ?
    Specialty Throws, Brushes, Skips, Airbounce and Creative Releases, Throwing for Leaping, Distance Throwing.
  • Day Three: Wrap Up, Recap and Jam Session - 9-3PM +Open Jamming til ?
    Throwing, Drills and Skills with personal lessons and jam session.

This is an approximate schedule. There is no “Flatwork Day”, or “Throwing Day”this is just our usual flow. Each day features all of these elements and builds towards full usage by the end of camp. It is almost impossible for us to create a rock solid schedule.


Working Spot:
$300 / $100 per day

Auditor Spot:
$150 / $65 per day

Additional Working Dog:
$150 / $50 per day

Organized by One Drop Aussies

Pawsitive Vybe Florida Disc Dog Camp – Dec 28th – 31st, 2012


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Ron Watson

An accomplished dog trainer, dog sport coach and dog behavior expert, Ron Watson of PVybe spends every minute he can collaborating with dog lovers all over the world. Specializing in canine performance, learning theory and behavior, Ron along with the fabulous Apryl Lea, run real world and online seminars as well as personal training, clinics, and Hangouts. He lives to talk dogs, so go ahead and ask Ron a question via our contact page, Facebook or on Google+.

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