Spot Training – Generalizing Handler Position and Approach

In this Video, Apryl Lea and Pan work on a Pedestal. The intent of the session was to Manufacture the Approach and Generalize the Handler position.

This session has nothing to do with the Down. All we want is a stable position on the pedestalSpot is a “go to a place”, or “go to a mat” behavior. This means that the dog seeks out and performs a duration behavior on a spot of the handler’s choosing. A Pedestal is a raised spot. Anything a dog can leap onto and perch upon. Spots and Pedestals are important dog training tools.... More which will happen because of the high rate of reinforcement on the table. This is about Action. It is simply about getting a lot of value on the Pedestal and generalizing the approach and the spatial relationship to the handler.

Apryl worked from all areas of the room and placed reinforcement for the cued Release throughout the room as well. Enabling her to get Pan to work from, the Right, from the Left, From near to far and far to near. She also worked from a seated position at a distance.

Pan really likes that pedestal, doesn’t she. It’s going to be really easy to send her.

Duration coming right up…