Totally Epic New Disc Dog Freestyle Moves

Jakie Back Vault and Front Side Japanese Dog Catch

A JakieThe Jakie is a trick where the dog intercepts the disc on the way to the handler's body and then uses the handler's body to safely and stylishly flip to land the trick.... More Back VaultThe dog uses the player´s body as a launching pad to jump for a disc. A Vault is a leaping catch from the handler’s body. The dog leaves the ground for the target and uses the handler’s body to get there. There are many different styles and variations of vaults, but they are commonly described by the part of the... More is the first trick. That is a vault off the back with a disc caught on the way up to the handler, on the front side and a disc caught off the body on the backside.

The second trick is a Frontside Japanese Dog CatchA Dog Catch is a great trick to use for hitting the crowd or for putting a strategic pause in your routine. The dog leaps to catch the disc and then you catch the dog. Often performed during a Gainer Flip, the Dog Catch highlight’s the connection between dog and handler. A Dog Catch can also be done without the... More. These two tricks are historical holy grail type tricks for many players.