Push Airbounce

I also call this throw “The Will”. As in it is a product of my will.

“How do you do that throw?”

“I just will it to bounce and it does. It’s magic…”

The bounce really feels like a product of your will and determination, and it is an impressive, powerful and rewarding throw. The problem is that sometimes when you try to Will it to bounce? It Won’t.

The Won’t

The Won’t is a Push Airbounce gone wrong… terribly wrong. I’ve thrown this a few times in contests in good wind conditions and it came out like a… I have no idea… a leaf, maybe? Something totally not aerodynamic and not resembling a disc.

This throw can and will go wrong at times. It can flutter,it can go splat, you can throw it straight into the ground, you name it, when you happen to throw a Won’t rest assured it won’t be pretty.

Push Air

Try to push air with the bottom of the disc as it swoops up and over the body to get to the release point. It is tough to balance a loose grip and wrist and drawing that firm line that the disc has to hold to create the pressure while swooping that disc around and down to create the cushion of air the disc bounces on. You should feel the air pressure resisting the disc.

The disc needs to travel with the bottom of the disc perpendicular to the path the disc is throwing. It’s a lot more complex to write about and think about than it really is. When you turn the disc upside down, make sure it is in line with your arm and just maintain that as you swoop. Pushing air is important if this thing is going to bounce.

The Hitch

When learning this throw be sure to add the hitch for a while and as a warm up or practice drill.

After swooping up and over and reaching that Push Throw position (catch high, turn inside pull), just stop. Check the wing, make sure it’s pointing up just a hair, and then make the throw. This throw with the hitch, even though it doesn’t bounce, can look very cool.

The swoop can be quite dramatic and the hitch can really add some punctuation to that big dramatic movement. So don’t forget that throwing with the hitch can still be used as a cool creative throw.


This swooping kind of entry to the Push Airbounce can be used to bounce a disc behind you, similar to the start of the Jazz Throw.



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      Yup… Will do… Actually would be a very good subheading title for each throw, wouldn’t it?

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