Brushing Basics

Brushing discs, aka – MAC (Mid Air Correction), is actually quite a bit easier than most people think… a bit hard to wrap your head around, but given a bit of knowledge and a good serve, they are pretty easy

The Recipe

Think of brushing discs as a recipe. Take 2 parts spin and add 1 part push, drop that recipe on a good serve, and the brush happens. It’s like magic.

The goal is to accentuate the spin (2 parts spin). Figure out which direction the disc is spinning and then strike it so it spins even faster. The 1 part push will happen fairly naturally. As a result of trying to make it spin more, the disc will be pushed forward a bit. It is super important that the focus is on making the disc spin faster instead of focusing on pushing it forward to make it fly.

If discs are wobbly and erratic when brushing, odds are that the recipe is off. The ratio is 2 to 1. If the disc is hit at 1:1 — 1 part spin to 1 part push — the disc will not fly properly. This is the most common problemwith people trying to brush discs. Get the recipe right and the disc will fly true.

The Serve

The most important part of the Brush is the serve. The serve is just a simple vault toss or Horizontal Hover. It may be a simple throw, but it’s not very easy.

A reliable and consistent serve is absolutely key to successful brushing. The toss needs to be small and stable. Toss it just enough to get it to where the hand will strike it on the brush.

The Hand

Strike the disc with a vertical surface – any vertical surface – for a brush with the hand you can strike the disc with fingers pointing up or with fingers pointing out to the side.

The hand moves from the outside of your body towards the inside, in the same direction that the disc is spinning. It makes contact (2:1 – 2 parts spin, 1 part push) and the movement from outside in will accentuate the spin.