Epic Summer FlashJam #8

On Paper:

  • Big Over to Back Stall:
    We don’t really have a Big Over, so it is nice that this is the opening skill. Takes a bit of pressure off.
    It should be a nice move to our Back Stall, which features a caught disc during a super floaty stalling leap. Great sequence for practicing this skill.
  • Back Stall to Through:
    Our standard dismount. I do have a choice as to whether I bring him through clock or counter clock. The Heli Out performance on the first rep or two will give me the answer.
  • Through to Heli Out:
    Not sure how we’re going to handle this. I’m envisioning a quick flip as soon as the flank gets set with the finish of the Through behavior.
  • Heli Out to Overhand Wrist Flip:
    Might be a skipping under opportunity here. Heli out is a BIG flipping skill.
    No idea at all other than that…

In Practice:

We will be running this sequence in the near future… Stay Tuned.

Lessons Learned: