Epic Summer FlashJam #7 — Spinny and Spiffy

On Paper:

  • Fish to Chest Vault:
    A Fish is a catch and release move. Dog catches and gives the disc back to the handler before hitting the ground.
    I can do a Flipping Fish, but that’s not going to get me much distance. I will probably do a flying retrieve instead which will give me the room to do a Chest Vault with my little dog.
    I think I’ll try to do the Chest Vault while standing. We do it kneeling, but the next move kind of prohibits that positioning.
    It might be too much, but we’ll give it a shot.
  • Chest Vault to Reverse Leg Vault:
    This is a nice move, for sure. The handler will have to spin to position after the Chest Vault so the Reverse Leg Vault can happen in flow.
  • Reverse Leg Vault to Strong Flip:
    I rarely do this move. They will both go in the same direction.
    Epic will probably be moving hard off the Reverse Leg Vault, as I have reinforced him a bunch with long throws, so the Strong Flip could be pretty interesting. It might be huge or a huge gainer…
  • Strong Flip to Heli In:
    The Reverse Leg Vault and Strong Flip are both Heli Out moves. They flip in the opposite direction of the Flank. Epic is moving or aligned clockwise and flips in a counter clockwise direction.
    Heli In will have Epic flipping in the same direction as the Flank. He will land the flip on a Clockwise Flank and I will flip him in the same direction. It will be a Weak Flip with movement.
    It should make a nice soft contrast with the Heli Out moves before it.

In Practice:

We will be running this sequence in the near future… Stay Tuned.

Lessons Learned: