Epic Summer FlashJam #2 – The Rotten Sequence

On Paper:

This is a pretty rotten sequence.

  • Counter Flank to the ass dropping Seated Over:
    Flanking to Overs and Vaults doesn’t work very well. I’ll get two shots at it. Maybe that’s the lesson… meh
  • Seated Over to Backwards Through:
    might be interesting, I anticipate some hustle being necessary to get ass off the ground and meet the dog to make it flow a bit.
  • Backwards Through to Flank Clock:
    Kind of a non move, but it might look competent and cool.
  • Flank Clock to Leg Vault:
    No thanks. The arcing flank makes it really hard to make the Vault happen well.
    A right handed Leg Vault is a clockwise skill. It’s my strong hand. Clockwise Flank to a Leg Vault is a tough move to make flow.
    It would be pretty cool on the counter clock, as you could get the dog to over commit and get a front cross kind of move as the dog shifts from the Counter Clock Flank to the Clockwise Leg Vault.
    I guess I could do a lefty Leg Vault, forcing a turn by the dog from the Clock Flank to counter clock Leg Vault.

In Practice:

We will be running this sequence in the near future… Stay Tuned.

Lessons Learned: