Backchaining an X Step

In earlier distance lessons we stepped back on 1 to close the hips. It creates an uncomfortable position reaching and stretching back holding the disc, just itching to move to 2.

This position is uncomfortable because it is an isolated moment of a movement that takes place during big distance throws called the X Step. The X step is similar a crow hop from baseball and and like a crow hop, it sets up the timing and position to deliver power to the target. Most people either find it easy to do or they don’t. Position 1 is essentially the halfway point of the X Step. It’s the point of no return.

Starting with the Finish

In teaching this skill, we have made a decision to focus on the base leve balance of the body, weight back, in order to ensure that the hips work properly. Step 1 or Position 1 is reached by stepping iback with the front foot and reaching back with the hands.

We are backchaining this skill, starting one step away from the finish and then falling into the correct behavior. This position makes it highly likely that proper technique will be employed from the get go. This takes that “either you find it easy or you don’t” out of the early learning portion of the skill.

Finding 1

When you walk forward and find 1, it’s going to be goofy. Don’t sweat it, I taught it backwards for crying out loud! It is not your fault.
Just take your time and once you find 1, just stop and breathe. Then finish the throw in the 2 Step for a few reps.
Once you’re comfortable finding 1, just blow right through it without the pauses.



  1. Ron Watson Post author

    Excellent work, Bob.

    The group discussion on this during class last night was pretty awesome!

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