Art of K9Disc Arrives Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be going to the printer to pick up a couple hundred copies of the Art of K9Disc. Are you kidding me? Pretty exciting!

What’s Next?

This weekend we will be assembling the packages for people who pre-ordered. I’ll be breaking down the prototypes and assembling little bits of the production process for each of you who made this book happen with your early support.

I’m excited to do this too. I know more than a few of you pre-order people, and I might just happen to find something that fits you. And everyone who pre-ordered gets a little piece of the book.

We will also be looking into packaging and shipping options for single and multiple copies. Copies will ship early next week.

Limited Run, Multiple Copies & Wholesale

This print run of the Art of K9Disc is a short run. There are not a lot of available copies. We have a few wholesale lots available still, but only a few.

Wholesale is 42% off of our cover price when 10 or more copies are purchased. There is also a multiple copy discount of 15% available on orders of 4 or more print editions. Again, there are limited wholesale lots available.

[prompt type=”left” title=”Get Books Wholesale” message=”We have a few wholesale orders so far and copies are going fast. Get 42% off the cover price in bulk. 3 Lots remaining…” button_text=”Get A Bunch of Jam Today” href=”” target=”blank”]

Stay Tuned

We’re going to be documenting the book release over the next few days, so stay tuned to the blog or our social media pages

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