1. Ron Watson Post author

      It is more than just a throwing Gimmick, JG…
      You know how dogs have a right and left ‘handed’ bias with outruns and spins/twists? The same is true of catching discs.

      Si totally looked like a Frisbee Dog when catching the left handed tosses from the CC (counterclockwise) direction. A few of those catches and she was a different dog. No more flailing and such. She actually reached out with her head to the left and snatched one like your discdogger weekly logo with Waz… Amazing!

      We’ll be working a lot on this over the winter to try to wrap our heads around it and develop some drills and skills to be worked to help teams get better leaping performance.


  1. Emmasstayin

    Pish wasn’t abysmal at all! Great video! I like the voice over! a Lot! Very helpful 🙂

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