A Litany of Too Late and Too Low

This video was shot at 240 frames per second and was shot specifically to get some good technical footage of vault timing. Well we got some good technical footage, but we didn’t get good vault footage. What we captured was a whole bunch of the most classic vaulting and over mistakes: Too Late and Too Low.

A Chronic Problem

The majority of vaulting and over problems are caused by throwing too late or too low. In the video we saw, in super slo motion, the negative effects of throwing too late. Confusion, faulty collection, sloppy foot placement, divided attention (target and obstacle), inability to leap, flailing trajectories and crash landings. These are common problems in the game of disc and are most often caused by throwing too late or too low.


  1. Marion Paulson

    Hey Ron,

    Another great vid! Man did some lights go on in my head after watching this! Helps me see mistakes I have made with vault throws that I can now stop making! Hurrah!!!

    Thanks Again

    1. Ron Watson Post author

      I had the same reaction. It was awesome to watch. The 240 fps was worth the blurry full size video.

      Things are so much easier to see.


  2. Lindsay

    Brick and I have loads of these issues on his knee vault. The first thing is he doesn’t seem to be hitting the top of my thigh as much as he is the outside of it. I guess this is a timing issue as well and could be corrected with better disc cuing/placement/timing?

    I think part of the problem is I’m starting him too close to me on the vault and he’s not getting enough time and distance to collect. What would you recommend for a starting point or should I vault him out of a full run after a 7-10 yard toss? Seems to me that he’s missing the concept and I’m missing the appropriate cuing/placement.

    I think I just answered my own questions but could use the additional input. Thanks!


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