SneakPeek – The Disc Dog Checklist

We’ve got a lot of dogs here at Pawsitive Vybe and we get even more that come through here with our Performance Rescue.

discdog_checklisttnNot too long ago, I realized that we needed a bit more organization in getting our dogs on the same page in terms of the disc dog skills that they can perform. It’s pretty frustrating getting out on the practice field and planning on working a skill only to realize that the dog you’re working with doesn’t have the understanding of a foundational element of the skill you’re trying to work on.

Finally I got smart and put together a checklist of skills that we now run our dogs through (proof that even old dogs can learn new tricks…). It was pretty successful for getting our stuff together with our pack and is something desperately missing from the disc dog world, so Apryl and I cleaned it up a bit in order to feature it in our book/DVD. The complete checklist serves as a guide for the organization of our book and something that readers and viewers can put their hands on to help them organize and develop their game with their dogs. But you’ll have to wait until the book comes out for that.

This version of the Disc Dog Checklist is abridged and doesn’t include the training and throwing skills that are such a major part of our book/DVD project. It is just the brass tacks of Disc Dog Skills that we focus on here at Pawsitive Vybe.

Download the Disc Dog Checklist now.