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Pawsitive Vybe Disc Dog Foundation class is six weeks long and is for all skill levels

For the Pro

Before you write this class off as ‘too basic’ ask yourself these questions?

Can my dog go aroundAn Around, or a Go Around is the traditional disc dog set up move. The dog goes around the handler’s body in a clockwise or counter clockwise fashion allowing dog and handler to develop a sense of timing and team movement. Arounds usually start in front of the handler and have the dog circling close to the handler’s heels.... both ways? Can we scootA Scoot is a Set Up Move where the dog scoots backwards between the handler’s legs. It’s a really clever Set Up Move, the image of your dog spinning around and shimmying backwards is really cool to see. It also Syncopates team movement, adding a some punctuation to the team’s flow.... from frontFront is a stable position directly in front of the handler. Front is an traditional obedience skill. Usually your dog sits in this position, but standing is often acceptable as well, especially in the game of disc dog freestyle. It is important to have a stable Front position for training and performing many disc dog tricks. Your Front position should... , heel and sideHeel position is the same as in obedience, with your dog standing immediately to the left and side has the dog on the right. All obedience positions are helpful in the game of disc dog freestyle. Working freestyle tricks from Heel position doubles the number of tricks available to the team. Add Side position and it’s tripled. Tricks performed from... positions? Do we have good team movementTeam Movement is how dog and handler move, as a team, out there on the field. It is a judging category in some organizations and certainly is a focus of many judges, players, and fans, when assessing the performance of a freestyle routine. Is movement synchronized? Is it cooperative?Do dog and handler move well together? Are they moving together at... when a disc is not in the air? Do I throw discs that make my dog look good? Do we have good clean vaults and how easy is it to create new vaults? Can we create and perform new sequences in just a few minutes?

If your answers to these questions are not all a simple, “Yes,” then this class will benefit you and your dog.

For the Noob

A strong foundation allows you to execute just about any jam you envision in your head. Mastery of position, team movement, and throwing are critical for epic disc dog freestyle performance.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s on the agenda:

Weeks 1 & 2: Set Up and Position


No Disc Dog Foundation is complete without having a good understanding of position and the capability to set your dog up quickly and efficiently.

Weeks 3 & 4: FlatworkFlatwork is the stuff that happens between the catches. How the team moves and transitions, often without the disc, is flatwork. Flatwork concepts in disc dog are taken from the agility and herding world....

Our Flatwork instruction adds a new wrinkle to the game of disc. Learn to create patterns and move your dog around the field effortlessly and deliver discs to them wherever you want.

Week 5 & 6: Throwing

Pawsitive Vybe throwing instruction is known worldwide for excellence and simplicity. We’ve helped hundreds of discdoggers with their throwing. Our technique is elegant and simple. We make throwing easy.

Throwing in the Disc Dog foundation class is not about a bunch of funky releases, it’s a good solid technical foundation combined designed to help you deliver discs that make your dog look really good.


  1. Mary M

    Nice layout, looks great! Love how you laid each week out too!

    1. Ron Watson Post author

      Thanks Mary!
      We’re pretty excited to get things rolling.
      Got a lot of workflow to figure out, and some content to shoot and write, but we’re ready to roll!

  2. Mickey

    Ron, this online stuff can reach a lot of people! Nice idea & good luck!

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