Cabin Fever – Disc Dog Cookie Jam

Rust Grizzy & Dirty Ern jazz up choose to heel with some disc dog set up moves. Heel >> Twist >> fakie twistSpins and Twists are tricks where the dog spins 360 degrees in a clockwise or counter clockwise fashion. Spin is clockwise and Twist is counter clockwise so it is important to have a cue for each skill. Feel free to call them what you want.... More >> heel.
We are calling this the Muppet FakieAn athletic Set Up Move, the Fakie is a flip off of the handler's body (normally the chest) with no disc in flight or intended to be caught. It is usually named by the part of the body the dog flips from: Back Fakie, Hip Fakie, Foot Fakie. A Fakie is similar to a flyball box turn.... More.