The PVybe Pack Hangout with KOMU 8

The other day, we co-hosted a newscast with Sarah Hill and KOMU 8 via a Google+ Hangout with 9 dogs and a Stunt Kitty. It was a great experience.

We’ve been using Google+ Hangouts in our distance learning classes for group video chat and it’s really changed our game when it comes to distance learning. We’re able to work with groups of people in real time on video and deliver live instruction. Sarah, head of the Missouri School of Journalism, is leveraging g+ Hangouts for local media in Columbia, Missouri.

This opportunity cropped up as Sarah and I bumped into each other on Google+. I think this kind of thing is going to happen a lot over there on g+ in the future…

The dogs and LaVerne were amazing! A 1 and a half hour duration stay with 9 dogs and 1 cat with 1-2 dogs working… It was pretty nice. Pretty proud of everybody.