PVybe Life – A Weekly 1/2 Hour Dog Training Lifestyle Show

A Half Hour per Week? You Crazy?

A few weeks ago, as the End of the World and Christmas were bearing down on us, we had a glut of video footage. That’s often the case here, we shoot lots of video… I decided to throw caution to the wind and put together a weekly 1/2 hour dog training show. 22 minutes or more, per week, of dog training, disc dogging and general PVybe Lifestyle. A half hour episode per week is a pretty serious endeavor…

PVybe Life is a dog training variety show with short edutainment pieces based on our dog training and lifestyle. It’s pretty sweet. Each short segment is linked from the YouTube description page and allows you to surf segment by segment.

We’re now on Episode 4 of Season 1 (coming out this afternoon @ 12:30 PM ET) and are gearing up for 6 more episodes to round out the season. Click the image above for the lean back experience and if you want to check out the navigation, you’ll have to go to the video on our YT page.

Timecode Navigation

Timecode Segment NavigationWe will also be using timecode links to these segments to supplement our distance learning program and other blog posts with topical video content, which is super cool. You can surf the episode segment by segment.

Pilot Season

In order to push ourselves into creating a bonafide show, we’re just doing it. Putting ourselves on a schedule and working to dial things in as we go. Each week things are getting a bit more tight. We’ve done rescue dog pieces, disc dog training, disc dog camp, and some traveling with the pack kind of stuff. There’s some fluff, and it’s rather long form, but it’s full of tips and tricks and valuable dog training.

This first season is pretty much a pilot program; getting our workflow together, smoothing out technical details and developing different types of segments, etc. We’ll get 10 episodes in the bag and take a break to evaluate our situation and get our stuff together to create a bigger and better 2nd season sometime in the spring.

Apryl & I are both really excited about this project and hope you are too. We will be posting serious breakdowns of each episode here on the blog, so stay tuned.