A New Intern at Pawsitive Vybe

Introducing Georgios & Lupo

Meet our new intern, Georgios & his pal, the Lupo, as they demonstrate what they got out of PVybe’s online disc dog foundation classes. The video below shows some pretty cool stuff here from this rookie team from Greece. A year ago Georgios and Lupo took our Disc Dog Foundation Class and went at it pretty hard.

Georgios had been trying to find a job for his one year old adrenaline junkie buddy, and dog Frisbee seemed a good fit. He got a bit more than he bargained for, given Disc Dog Foundation‘s focus on positive training methods and learning theory, and soon was applying the skills from disc dog class in lifestyle situations. The way he generalized the information was quite impressive so when he asked us about becoming an intern it was a no brainer despite his lack of experience.

More than Dog Training, It’s a Lifestyle

Georgios arrived about 3 weeks ago and found himself immersed in a sea of crazy dogs (video to come, lol). Barking, running around, high as kites… The first few days must have been pretty jarring. Georgios took it all in stride and inside of a week he and Lupo became part of our pack.

While Georgios dropped right into the PVybe daily grind quite easily, Lupo, his 2 year old Border Collie, is having a bit more trouble getting into the swing of things. Lupo, aka “the Lupo”, is an only dog and does not have an “Off switch”. He is go go go! all the time and doesn’t do well with impulse control. Lupo has come a long way in just a couple weeks in America, but Georgios has his work cut out for him finishing that Off Switch installation.
Georgios Katsouras - PVybe Intern

Two Months of Learning and Experience

We are very excited to work with Georgios and Lupo over the next 2 months. Having these guys here at Pawsitive Vybe is a great learning experience for our entire pack and brings a ton of creative energy and passion into our lives.

Georgios and Lupo will be making the trip down to the USDDN in a few weeks and will help us conduct some seminars in addition to their daily learning regiment. Hopefully some of you guys get a chance to hook up with them.