Get on Google+ for Group Video Chat

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on the Group Video Chat. In addition to Video Assessments, Pro and Premier members of Disc Dog Foundation class get access to our Group Video Chats on Wednesday nights at 9PM ET. They are super awesome learning experiences that really allow us to get to know eachother a bit.

We do these group chats on Google+. There is a Hangout feature that allows up to 10 people to video chat in real time.

These hangouts are pretty revolutionary. We can watch youtube videos together and we have even worked with dogs on camera. It’s really bleeding edge technology, so I have not figured out what is possible, but I know these hangouts are the best way to hook up and share information that I’ve used. I’m really excited about the possibilities here.

Get on Google+

What you will need to do to take advantage of our video chats is to create a Google+ account and then find me Ron Watson and Pawsitive Vybe– and add me to a circle. Will then need to circle +Pawsitive Vybe as well. I will circle you and I can then invite you to hangouts or send messages and correspond with our small group – help you out or tell you about new articles and such. It’s really pretty sweet.

So get yourself a Google+ account and we’ll hook up over there. Our Video Chat is at 9PM ET and you will receive a notification from G+ before the event.

If you have any questions or comments, post them below and we can discuss them.

Really looking forward to working with you all!




  1. OlyDiscDogs

    So we are dong google plus tonight or skype?

  2. Caytie Graybill

    Hey Ron,

    I think I only registered for the class on the lowest level, which means I don’t have access to the Google+ video chat, right? I wasn’t in the right spot on the site last night to get the google+ notice, so I missed the call 🙁 I guess I am unclear about what group features I can get in on.


    1. Ron Watson Post author

      Yes you are not involved in the hangouts as a base member. 🙁 I created an upgrade – Base>>Pro payment option in our store – – for just such an occasion that happened last session. Last class was our first try using Google+ communication for class.

      You should probably hop on over there and get an account – . It’s nice if I want to push out a quick message to everybody in class or something even if you are not using the hangout.

      We will probably be trying out the Chord application as well on there. That is a pretty sweet group chat app that hits smartphones quite well. We tried it last session a bit, and it was promising. I really think I could do the whole course on G+ as far as notifications, and have given it a bit of thought.


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