Disc Dog 5 Card Stud

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the staple set up move in the game of disc creates timing and teamwork hooking dog up with handler and establishing flow

The dog starts from in front of the handler. goes around the handler, to the handler’s right in a clockwise fashion. The dog may move to catch in an area in front of, to the left, or the right of the handler.

How to Play:

  1. Shuffle the Cards
  2. Deal the Cards
  3. Play each Card in Order
  4. 4 Reps of Art of Linking TricksThe Art of Linking Tricks is a sequence building methodology developed at Pawsitive Vybe leading to rapid development and deployment of disc dog freestyle sequences. Freestyle sequences are long behavior chains. A cued Wait inserted between tricks creates discrete conceptual understanding of each link in the chain while avoiding pattern training and lumping of the discrete tricks into a single... More
  5. 1 Rep at Live Speed
  6. Pick a winner

5 Card Stud Flash Jam