PVybe Dog Sport Behavior Camp – Organization

PVybe Dog Sport Behavior Camp – Organization

Holy moly! Last weekend was pretty awesome. Nothing like leaving the frozen tundra behind and landing in beautiful Ft. Meyers for 3 days of intensive dog training with dog sport enthusiasts. It was a Herculean task – 21 working teams with 4 reactive dogs – and we wound up delivering 84 15 minute sessions per day on a variety of foundational dog training skills while simultaneously delivering the Pawsitive Vybe.

Disc Dog Camp Menu

Hey everybody! We’ve got our menu together for Disc Dog Camp and with the help of @Turnadaisy – http://turnadaisy.com and Deb Stout of DogNabit – the Lucky Dog Bakery, we’ve got the following food stylings for all of our campers: Wed – Burgers by Pawsitive Vybe Thurs – Spaghetti by Turnadaisy Friday – Tacos by […]

Disc Dog Personal Lessons in LA

All the Leaves are brown… and the sky is Grey… Ron Watson of Pawsitive Vybe is going to California to teach at Jam Camp alongside Human Freestyle Disc Legends Stork & Dave Lewis. We used a really cool service to collect funds and organize this event, ThePoint.com. Check out the Training Tour Events listing page for […]

Jam Camp 60% to the Tipping Point

What I am thinking… Sign Up Now for Personal Lessons in LA! For the last couple weeks I’ve been trying to put together a Training Tour stop in Los Angeles California. There is this really cool freestyle disc camp out there called Jam Camp. Jam Camp is a two day seminar featuring some of the […]

Pawsitive Vybe Training Tour

The Pawsitive Vybe Training Tour is afoot… Press Release – 10.20.09 Pawsitive Vybe Embarks on Dog Sport and Positive Dog Training Tour Ron Watson, co-founder of Pawsitive Vybe, plans to tour the nation helping people to better understand and train their dog. Creator and administrator of K9Athlete.com, a Dog Sport Training community, and an expert […]