Epic Cam – Cabin Fever Breaks in Myrtle Beach

Ron Watson Disc Dog Life

A serious bout of Cabin Fever forced the PVybe Pack to bug out from NY to Florida, Epic & Prima land on Myrtle Beach and do some jamming. Epic is wearing the Dog Pro by Dog Collar Cam and does a fine job as both cameraman an talent.

UpDog 4 Way Play

UpDog 4 Way Play – Player’s Perspective

Ron Watson Contests, Disc Dog Life

What Is 4 Way Play 4 Way Play is a multiple disc game that blends quality handling, throwing, and catching. It asks dog and handler to play to all points on the field, highlighting flatwork and team movement as well as precise and thoughtful throwing. It’s a great game for learning how to move a dog around the field. There …

Judging UpDog Freestyle Showcase – The Human Perspective

Ron Watson Art, Contests, Disc Dog Life, Judging

I judged the first ever UpDog Freestyle Showcase this weekend. What a fantastic event! For those of you who don’t know,  UpDog is a new disc dog organization that features several fun games to challenge dog and handler and develop and proof strong disc and dog sport skills while creating a clear developmental path for growth and greater understanding of the game of …

Loot RnD 09.19.14 – Spiffy Spinny Stuff

Ron Watson Disc Dog Life, Routine Building

Loot and Ron work on some new disc dog moves. Hat Tip to Yachi & Kosuke Hirai for the inspiration. The sequence is: Scoot to Screw Vault (Reverse Chest Vault) to something that I’m calling a Spinny Vault or a Spiffy Vault, a variation of the Japanese Dog Catch. It’s called a Screw Vault because the handler corkscrews into the …