Loot RnD 09.19.14 – Spiffy Spinny Stuff

Ron Watson Disc Dog Life, Routine Building

Loot and Ron work on some new disc dog moves. Hat Tip to Yachi & Kosuke Hirai for the inspiration. The sequence is: Scoot to Screw Vault (Reverse Chest Vault) to something that I’m calling a Spinny Vault or a Spiffy Vault, a variation of the Japanese Dog Catch. It’s called a Screw Vault because the handler corkscrews into the …

A Special Trophy for the MNDDC by Apryl Lea

Ron Watson Art, Disc Dog Life

Apryl made the MN State Championship Trophy and also the Wazee Spirit Trophy for the Minnesota Disc Dog Club. We delivered them to camp this summer. We had to sit on it for a while, as it was kind of a surprise…

This footage was taken in Michigan while on our coast to coast Disc Dog Camp tour.