Pawsitive Vybe Dogs Do Cool Stuff!

Pawsitive Vybe is not about having an Obedient dog. It’s about having a Cool Dog. Dogs that go to the beach with us. Dogs that play disc. Dogs that do awesome tricks. Pawsitive Vybe dogs do cool stuff. Obedience is a byproduct of that cool stuff that we do with our dogs.

Canine Performance is Our Specialty

Our dogs play disc, professionally, at a world class level. Some of them are single name celebrities known all around the world. Their images have been used as logos, their disc dog performance videos have hundreds of thousands of views. Our dogs are entertainers and ambassadors and they love their job.

Pawsitive Vybe Dogs do Film and Print Work. Our packs of Rescue Dogs are unique, spiffy paintjobs and all kinds of character. We’ve got big dogs, little dogs, pretty dogs and scrappy dogs.

Pawsitive Vybe handlers are pretty cool too. They are media savvy, professional and friendly, and effortlessly push a positive message and image for dogs and dog training.

We do Disc Dog Shows, Animal Wrangling, Dog Training and Dog Sport Demos and are always seeking performance opportunities.

Pawsitive Vybe Dogs Do Cool Stuff!


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