Back Chaining a Disc Dog Freestyle Routine

Loot Rewind – Back Chaining a Disc Dog Routine

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Routines can be looked at as a super long sequence of tricks, or they can be broken down into Disc Dog Sequences. Building routines out of sequences means a more manageable number of working parts and a creates ready made framework for practice and perfection of the routine. Whether you have created your sequences via Jam in a Flash or if …

Repeating Rear Cross

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The Repeating Rear Cross is a flatwork pattern for training and performance. It allows dog and handler to move around the field as a team connecting on well timed and placed creative throws that end in leaping catches. The Rear Cross has the dog changing the working side by turning away from the handler. For Big Leaping The Repeating Rear Cross …

A Quick & Dirty Flank Session

Manufacturing a Working Flank

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The Working Flank can be a difficult skill to install on some dogs. Obi is the kind of dog who really pushes into the handler. He’s got all kinds of drive for the disc but he has no idea how to make it happen yet other than pressuring the handler. The video below shows you how to slip the pressure …


Jam in a Flash – The Lesson of the Jam

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Getting a fresh new sequence is totally the goal of a Flash Jam, but it’s not the only goal, it might not even be the important one. Many jams whipped up by our site or your cards are not going to be keepers. There are going to be a lot of lame sequences that get generated by the luck of the draw, …

Flash Jam with Cookies

Jam in a Flash for Cookies with RustGrizzy

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RustGrizzy and DirtyErn work on a new sequence using cookies in a distraction filled environment using the Art of Linking Tricks and a FlashJam created here on site. Handling a Distracted Dog Rust is pretty distracted here. There is something in the air, for sure. In the background the community garden is in full effect, something that Rust hasn’t seen in …

Epic Cam – Cabin Fever Breaks in Myrtle Beach

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A serious bout of Cabin Fever forced the PVybe Pack to bug out from NY to Florida, Epic & Prima land on Myrtle Beach and do some jamming. Epic is wearing the Dog Pro by Dog Collar Cam and does a fine job as both cameraman an talent.

Disc Dog Leap Training – Localized Landing

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This is an excerpt from my recent book, the Art of K9Disc. Choosing the spot where the dog will land is great for helping him learn how to leap well. Localized Landing is a skill that helps a dog leap more thoughtfully by making the landing an important variable and integral part of the plan. EQUIPMENT 1 Agility Jump 1 Pedestal …