Meet Epic – 15 Week Old Baussie

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This is Epic, a 15 week old Baussie (Border Collie x Aussie) rescue out of Minnesota. He is freeshaping a down stay with his handler, Ron Watson. This is Epic’s first freeshaping lesson.

Loot RnD 09.19.14 – Spiffy Spinny Stuff

Ron Watson Disc Dog Life, Routine Building

Loot and Ron work on some new disc dog moves. Hat Tip to Yachi & Kosuke Hirai for the inspiration. The sequence is: Scoot to Screw Vault (Reverse Chest Vault) to something that I’m calling a Spinny Vault or a Spiffy Vault, a variation of the Japanese Dog Catch. It’s called a Screw Vault because the handler corkscrews into the …

PVybe Drive Train Camp

PVybe Dog Sport Behavior Camp – Organization

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Holy moly! Last weekend was pretty awesome. Nothing like leaving the frozen tundra behind and landing in beautiful Ft. Meyers for 3 days of intensive dog training with dog sport enthusiasts. It was a Herculean task – 21 working teams with 4 reactive dogs – and we wound up delivering 84 15 minute sessions per day on a variety of foundational dog training skills while simultaneously delivering the Pawsitive Vybe.

Loose Wrists Flick Discs – The Trick to Floating Discs

Ron Watson Disc Dog Training Videos, Discdog Throwing Theory, Throwing

here’s some footage from camp of a drill we developed at Pawsitive Vybe for generating the heavy Zs (lots of spin) on discs required to make them float and hover to entice your dog into jumping up there and leaping for them. This drill doesn’t have a name, but it should. I call it the stop sign thing. Combine this …

Assistance Dog Opening Door

10 Strings to Pull to Manage Drive and Untie Behavioral Knots – Pt 2

Ron Watson Bitework Foundation, Disc Dog Training, Dog Training, Theory

The last two installments of this series outlined the behavioral strings and knots metaphor and examined 5 ‘strings’ of behavior and their relationship to behavioral knots and to each other. I am going to continue to stretch this metaphor and cover some less tangible behavioral strings that are precursors and requirements for engagement, interaction, and drive management. Oh, and I’ll …

Contextual Understanding in Dog Training

Contextual Understanding is Like Conversational Spanish

Ron Watson Dog Training

Learning a foreign language from a conversational angle is all the rage these days. Instead of focusing on grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, the very concepts that fluency in language is built upon, the teaching is focused on creating competence: pronunciation, common situations, verbal repetition, and vocabulary supplements. contextual understanding in dog training is like conversational Spanish. it’s all based upon …