Pawsitive Vybe Distance Learning – Bitework for Behavior Trailer

Distance Learning Class taught by Ron Watson & Apryl Lea.

Four weeks of online class focused on the mechanics, application and philosophy of Bitework (Tugging) using positive reinforcement.

BiteworkBitework is an activity or a game that consists of biting and dropping a toy on cue. Cued Bites and cued Drops (and Gives) can be used to teach and reinforce many behaviors. Bitework is the framework to use to create a high rate of reinforcement and the repetition necessary to teach and hone skills. There are 3 rules in... More is about gaining control over the biting and dropping behavior and teaching the dog how to perform the Bite and Drop behavior on cue. Bitework, properly done can give a dog and handler:

  • Retrieve
  • Reliable Drop
  • GiveThe Give is a retrieve to the hand. A cued Give is a foundational skill that is not super useful in the actual performance of disc dog freestyle, and has huge applications for training and skills development . A Give is distinctly different from a Drop because of the localized nature of the skill. Give only happens in the hand,... More
  • Carry
  • Patience in DriveDrive is focus and energy applied towards work. There are many kinds of Drive: social drive, tracking drive, prey drive, bite/kill, stalking, and food to name a few. Social drive, prey drive, and bite/kill are the types of Drive most active in the game of disc dog freestyle, and are all fairly desirable. Stalking and tracking drive can be tough... More
  • Drop on the Run
  • Instant Value on the Handler

Class Starts 02.03.11!