Bed and Breakfast

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Come and Train with Us!

The Discdog ‘Bed & Breakfast’ is a live-in training experience with Ron Watson & Apryl Lea of Pawsitive Vybe.Apryl & Ron are known worldwide for their discdog instruction. For the past several years, Ron & Apryl have been running successful seminars in North America and Western & Eastern Europe.

Pawsitive Vybe HQ is located in Midtown Kingston, NY at an old Pajama Factory. A 70×40 yard field is 200 yards away and our training studio is large enough to throw discs in.

Apryl & Ron enjoy the experience of intensive training that the bed and breakfast allows.  Clients have been raving about the experience as well.

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  • For me, working with Ron & Apryl has been a life changing experience. I say that without any hyperbole whatsoever, and I mean it in the most literal sense. The way they understand canine behavior, and more importantly how they communicate that knowledge to humans borders on magic. Sweet, sweet magic….Everytime I play with my dogs I hear their words above the din of “expert advice” out there and it continues to guide me months after having worked with them. Thank-you for that gift, I can’t wait to work with Pvybe again!
    Brian Bruzek, Rocket & Jack
    MN Disc Dog Club
  • Ron and Apryl have been very helpful throughout Team Eko’s young disc dog career. Eko and I were fortunate enough to take the trip to Disc Dog Camp 2010 at Pawsitive Vybe’s training facility in Cedar Rock, Michigan, this year and what an experience it was.Within a few weeks of returning home from camp, the principals and training that had been put into place began to have a tremendous effect on both our game of disc as well as our human-canine bond. It was amazing to see that even the simplest of changes could have such a tremendous effect on our game. We have such an amazing time on the field, my disc handling skills are greater than they were even just a few short months ago, and Eko’s drive and intensity have dramatically increased.
    Lindsay Thompson, Brick & Eko
  • Ron and Apryl,Just wanted to thank you again for a great stay at pvybe.  Kat and I spoke often on our ride home about all of the things we had learned and set some goals for ourselves and our dogs.  To be honest, I went into the visit hoping to have some fun tossing the disc around and picking up some tips for my game.  I left with a ton more.  I really feel empowered to impact the performance of my dogs now.  I have hope for Jam.  I believe that one day Groovy will play in front of a crowd at a big event like AWI.  I even know that I can build Tali’s drive during her routines and hopefully have fewer rounds like my second AWI round.I don’t want to sound sappy or kiss ass, but I think both of you are fantastic trainers.  I’m not the easiest person to train.  I am a highly visual person and needed a lot of think time to visualize what was being asked of me.  I appreciate your patience and ability to break things down for me.Kat and I are very excited about where to go next with our training of our dogs.  I’ve already measured out an area in the garage for our training room and have been working out where to put all the “junk” that is in there now. Kat is already  looking into window units for ac/heat.  I think we’ll have our little room ready to go soon.   Thanks for the inspiration.If you ever need a place to stay down in Tampa or a place to host a seminar, just let us know.  You are more than welcome.  Thanks again for the time you spent with us.  We had a blast.
    Jack Fahle, Tali, Groovy & Jam
    One Drop Aussies
  • Ron, Apryl, Abby, and Andrew spent a full three days (and nights!) with our club. We learned basic skills, we learned advanced skills, we learned disc skills and we learned life skills.Team after team found their toss and catch, and freestyle proficiency heightened after a weekend training with Pawsitive Vybe. It’s been fun to see so many teams transformed!Cathy W
    Cathy Whitney, Zoey & Zack
    MN Disc Dog Club
  • I feel that after our life is already better here at home for me and my wife and our dogs. We have a long way to go but gained so much in one weekend. I feel privileged to have been able to train with these two wonderful, caring people who shed so much light on things for us and our dogs.
    Jeff Wright & Sadie,
    Louisville Disc Dogs

  • We have known Ron & Apryl of Pawsitive Vybe for several years and we continue to make a yearly trip to attend their B&B weekend of disc training. They are able to combine their years of dog training experience and knowledge to provide you with a program that is tailored to you and your dog, whether it be in dogsports or basic pet behaviour. No matter if you are young or old, amateur or a professional, you will come away overloaded with information from both Ron & Apryl. They ROCK!

    Angela Ewtushik & Rick Rauwerda
    R&R Pet Paradise

Individuals & Small Groups

The Discdog ‘Bed & Breakfast’ can accomodate up to 4 couples comfortably, but can handle more if people don’t mind living a bit more communally.


Training packages are general in nature and are intended as guidelines. They are tailored to the needs of the guests. They will be developed in pre-visit discussions, and may be altered as need be while you are here.

  • Discdog Foundation (15+hours)

    The Discdog Foundation Package can be good for the newest of noobs and those needing to polish up the foundation of their games. $350

    Focus (select 2):

    • Getting Started
    • Freestyle
    • Toss n Fetch
    • Drive Building
  • Advanced Jamming (15+hours)

    Advanced Jamming is for those who already have a freestyle routine and some creative releases. $350

    Focus (select 2):

    • Clean Up
    • Set Up Moves
    • Vaulting & Overs
    • Routine Development
  • Drive Management (15+hours)

    Managing and training the high drive dog can be a rough job. Ron & Apryl can help you install Operant Drive. $350
    • Drive Building
    • Focus & Attention
    • Shaping in Drive
    • Patience & Self Discipline
  • +Training Concepts

    A PVybe Training Concepts B&B stay will make you a better dog trainer. Practical applications and deep discussions. $350
    • Shaping
    • Marking Behaviors
    • Setting and Shifting Criteria
  • Create Your Own Experience

    Give us your goals and we’ll give you the goods. $350
Bed and Breakfast

More than Just Disc Dogs

The Disc Dog Bed and Breakfast started out as a 'Disc Dog' Bed and Breakfast, but from the get go, it became obvious that the B&B was about more than disc dogging. The focus often shifts to dog training when we start working on the game of disc. So if you're interested in PVybe Dog training we can do that over the course of a B&B stay as well. No problem!


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