The Pawsitive Vybe Team

Ron Watson


Positive Dog Trainer in the Hudson Valley
Co-Founder of Pawsitive Vybe and Frisbee Dog Guru, Ron Watson is the brain behind Pawsitive Vybe. Helping to shape, map out and figure out how to deliver the Pawsitive Vybe Philosophy is his job, and he loves every bit of it. A longtime disc dog competitor, judge and instructor, his growth as a trainer has been a journey.  Ron has learned a great deal from his dogs through the years and that is what led to the Pawsitive Vybe training philosophy. Every new canine encounter is a new learning opportunity.[clearfix]

Apryl Lea


Positive Dog Trainer in Kingston NY
Co-Founder of Pawsitive Vybe, Service Dog Trainer, Dog Sport competitor and Artist, Apryl Lea, is the soul of Pawsitive Vybe. She has an amazing affinity with dogs and is an intuitive and efficient trainer. Apryl is an ADI Certified Assistance Dog instructor and has deep experience training dogs as pets, athletes and service animals. Art is also a passion of Apryl’s. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sculpture and was a traveling artist for 17 years. Pawsitive Vybe allows Apryl to apply herself to her passions – Dog Training, Performance and Art.[clearfix]

Abby Cline

Fargo Studio

Positive Dog Trainer in Fargo ND
Abby Cline, the Original Intern, is a natural dog trainer. She came to Pawsitive Vybe in 2008 for a B&B stay and her energy and passion really connected with Apryl & Ron. She arranged to bring her Pack to Michigan for several months to intern at PVybe HQ and has been rocking the disc dog world ever since. Abby is also a classically trained artist with a BA in Sculpture. When she’s not on the road doing disc dog shows, Abby runs classes in Fargo, ND. [clearfix]

Andrew Han

Milwaukee Studio

Positive Dog Trainer in Milwaukee
Andrew Han is a disc dog phenom. Getting started jamming with dogs in 2008, Andrew Han, 2010, is a world class disc dog player. Andrew has a great pack of young dogs and caught the Pawsitive Vybe early. He’s got a great training foundation and is a creative trainer. Andrew is working to expand his training knowledge and his ability to communicate that knowledge to people. Andrew runs dog sport classes and jam sessions as Pawsitive Vybe Milwaukee when he’s not on the road performing.[clearfix]

Georgios Katsouras

PVybe Greece

Positive Disc Dog Trainer in Greece
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