Winners have been announced: Get the Skinny Here!It’s time to get spooky fresh and jammified. You will need a dog, a costume and a camera to get you started. Shoot a spooky jam, follow the directions below, and have a really safe and spunky halloween. Fan vote starts Nov.2. This contest is loose and fun, every video that fits the criteria listed will be viewed with great awe every October as the first ever Spooky Jam videos.

The Spooky Jam Video Gallery

Want to see your video in the gallery? Follow the directions below. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section.

Welcome to the First Annual Pvybe Spooky Jam Contest

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Read how to submit a video and/or vote for your favorite right spooky jam video.

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Shoot your video and upload it to

Make sure you tag the video using ” spooky jam”

Paste a link to your video in the comments section below.

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Videos will be submitted until Nov.2 2010. Voting will run from Nov. 3rd thru Nov 6th.

Winners will be announced on Nov 7th.

Individual videos will be posted on Nov.3rd beneath the gallery videos.

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Categories Are : Best Dog Costume, Best Human Costume, Best Overall Jam, Best Overall Spooky Video

Prizes are: Grateful Dead Dog to the best overall video. The rest are TBD.



Rate each video on the following categories:

  • Dog Costume,
  • Human Costume
  • Freestyle Jam
  • Overall Spooky Jam-Ness

Prizes will be as follows:

Best Overall Video – An Apryl Art (Grateful Dog Interpretation)

Best Freestyle Jamming – Custom Picture Collage by Good Dog Sports

Best Human Costume – HOD Hat and Disc by

Best Dog Costume – Leash Hook by Apryl Art

All entries receive a disc from Hero disc

The Chase

[starratingmulti id=13 tpl=12 style=’pumpkin’ average_stars=’pumpkin’]


More Dogs Than Days

[starratingmulti id=12 tpl=12 style=’pumpkin’ average_stars=’pumpkin’]


Wolfman and Weredog

[starratingmulti id=11 tpl=12 style=’pumpkin’ average_stars=’pumpkin’]


Power Puff Jam

[starratingmulti id=10 tpl=12 style=’pumpkin’ average_stars=’pumpkin’]


Pirates of the Mitten

[starratingmulti id=9 tpl=12 style=’pumpkin’ average_stars=’pumpkin’]


Irish’s Spooky Jam

[starratingmulti id=8 tpl=12 style=’pumpkin’ average_stars=’pumpkin’]



[starratingmulti id=14 tpl=12 style=’pumpkin’ average_stars=’pumpkin’]



[starratingmulti id=7 tpl=12 style=’pumpkin’ average_stars=’pumpkin’]


Skeletor and Mr Bones

[starratingmulti id=6 tpl=12 style=’pumpkin’ average_stars=’pumpkin’]


Mox-Trix Reloaded

[starratingmulti id=5 tpl=12 style=’pumpkin’ average_stars=’pumpkin’]



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      1. jeff hill

        There was some wind for sure, but my biggest problem was the vision. With the mask, you lose your peripheral vision and it’s amazing how much you rely on that. Virtually every throw i had issues. I modified the mask to give me more vision than normal, but it still wasn’t so great. I’m guessing I had 75% vision. Before the modifications probably 50%.

        1. Jason Rigler Post author

          I had the same issue. I did my video routine with about 35% vision. It was like looking through a tunnel. can’t see up, down or sides. And the gloves ! Challenging enough without that stuff…

    1. Ron Watson

      Great jam!! The music and costumes are perfect!! looks like you had a lot of fun!!

      1. jeff hill

        we did! thanks for watching. i always spend too much $ and too much time every halloween. i just can’t help it. it’s a blast!

  1. Marion Paulson

    Hmmm now that Abby has went on to where it is gunslingers go after the lost the last draw I am sure her pals need a new safe home where guns are not allowed *laugh*..If so I have two passports and free flights to Canada for them..


    Cool and fun video and awesome tricks by all!

  2. Melissa LaMere-Dragovich

    Well, it’s not an awesome, edited, video…just a routine where Torque and I make fools of ourselves…. you know how Halloween goes…

    1. Ron Watson

      Nice job Melissa!
      Way to throw those vaults. Love that monkey getup, always cracks me up…

  3. Steve Teer

    Great videos Abby, Ron and Apryl! I put together something quick as this seemed like so much fun, but didn’t have very much time for it:( Attempting to upload to blip tv now.

  4. Abby

    This is so awesome! glad people are making videos….mel and torque kicked ass….though i could not stop laughing to MEL playing to shania twain! Steve that strobe stuff was definitely spoooooooky….jeff that skeleton costume rocks!

    ron and apryl… guys are alright =)

    stoked to see the vids that pop up tomorrow!!

    1. Melissa LaMere-Dragovich

      Shania was painful….UGH.

  5. Abby

    marion, you will have to fight my dead ghost body for those 2 haha!!

  6. Adriana

    ok I’m making one . . . the suns not up here yet and I’m calling in support . . .

      1. Adriana

        ok I made a video . . . think I uploaded it to blip correctly, and can’t get it to play for the life of me. trying to update quicktime to see if that helps, but you may see a youtube link in here. Here’s the link it gives me does it work on anyone elses machine?

          1. Adriana

            I tried and tried and tried to get blip to work. I’m no computer genius but I give up. .mov seems to only be an option if you have a mac. I’ve got 3 different video editors and none worked. I tried the windows format .wmv or whatever in both low res and hd and the web based upload and conversion failed on both of them as well. Grumble . . .

  7. Jeff

    Just a spectator here (since we’re still learning to “jam”), but these things are FANTASTIC and great fun to watch! What a great contest idea.

    All of you rock (but I think Abby hired a professional filmmaker!).

    1. Ron Watson

      naw..she just sleeps with em’ 😉

      Abby’s husband John is very talented!! I love all the sound effects on her video!!

  8. jeff hill

    ron – your professor videos crack me up. and i love the “cartoon professor ron” also. pretty good rendition.

  9. Steve Teer

    This is such a kick! Loving all your videos! I wish I had more time to be creative and edit it better, but still fun! I should have left Whiskey’s little barking ass at home and I forgot to bring Irish’s jester collar to the park. DORK, I am!!

  10. Jason Rigler

    Wow Adrianna- can’t say you didn’t try! We’ll get you video up for voting using the YouTube link. Videos will be up later today.

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