Dog Training Meet Lifestyle

Founded in 2005 by dog sport professionals, Apryl Lea and Ron Watson, Pawsitive Vybe is a dog training studio with a unique philosophy of Obedience through Interaction and Learning through Play. Specializing in Dog Sports and Assistance Dogs, Ron Watson and Apryl Lea are top shelf trainers, handlers, speakers and performers.

Ron & Apryl live and work with a dozen high drive working dogs on the ground floor of the Pajama Factory in Midtown Kingston, NY. They run classes in real life in the city of Kingston and on the internet here at PVybe.com.

With Satellite Studios all over the country, Pawsitive Vybe offers cutting edge positive dog training with the goal of creating a self disciplined dog and a successful handler. We have an extensive web presence that spreads the Pawsitive Vybe via a distance learning program, training communities and through video edutainment.

Satellite Studios are led by head trainers handpicked by Pawsitive Vybe HQ who have been trained and licensed to deliver world class instruction on specific dog training topics.


If it’s cool and can be done with dogs, odds are we can do it or help you do it.

Our Disc Dog Shows feature some of the best teams on the planet and are available for community, corporate and major sporting events. Our professional handlers and many unique dogs are also available for film and print work.


Classically trained artists creating unique and special canine art round out the Pawsitive Vybe experience.

More than dog training, it’s a lifestyle.