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Contextual Understanding is Like Conversational Spanish

  Learning a foreign language from a conversational angle is all the rage these days. Instead of focusing on grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, the very concepts that fluency in language is built upon, the teaching is focused on creating competence: pronunciation, common situations, verbal repetition, and vocabulary supplements. contextual understanding in dog training is like […]

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  Watch Video Cued Biting and Tugging of Discs Adds Value to the Handler and Teaches Patience in Drive catching discs happens out there. a good reward history of dog and handler sharing the disc via a bite and tug adds value to the area around the handler giving the dog a reason to hang […]

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2 Simple Steps for Superior Shaping

Many dogs get very high when working for cookies and clicks. Some go over threshold when working. I think this is fairly common for clicker trainers. It’s part of the reason that some seemingly simple behaviors can take months to create and is responsible for much of the frustration that positive trainers experience.

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Bite as Cookie

When a Bite is offered as a cookie the dog has earned the right to attempt to Bite that object. It’s a very empowering experience. The dog learns that he can make the bite happen by showing some Patience, giving Eye Contact, offering a Back Up behavior, or whatever.

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