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  Watch Video Cued Biting and Tugging of Discs Adds Value to the Handler and Teaches Patience in Drive catching discs happens out there. a good reward history of dog and handler sharing the disc via a bite and tug adds value to the area around the handler giving the dog a reason to hang […]

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Teaching a Hoop With Bitework

This is a typical Bitework Application session. There is a plan, in this case, we’re going to develop a Hoop, skill where the dog leaps through a hoop made from the handler’s arms. Working this skill with Bitework yields a loose a sloppy understanding and performance of the skill. It works, it’s fast, but if we want to teach this skill well, cookies would be a better method. Teaching this skill with Bitework will yield a ‘quick and dirty’ trick.

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Bite as Cookie

When a Bite is offered as a cookie the dog has earned the right to attempt to Bite that object. It’s a very empowering experience. The dog learns that he can make the bite happen by showing some Patience, giving Eye Contact, offering a Back Up behavior, or whatever.

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Bitework for Behavior

Bitework for Behavior Bitework or Tugging is a fantastic excercise for dogs. It is a personal interaction between human and dog that increases drive, creates a proper outlet for prey drive, and asks the dog to display patience and thoughtfulness in Drive. It’s great exercise and a whole lot of fun as well. While bitework […]

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