Bitework for Behavior Class

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Bitework for Behavior is a 4 week class that focuses on drive building and management and also is a serious dog training experience. You will be shocked at what you can learn when you have stimulus control over bite and drop.


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Cued Biting and Tugging of Discs Adds Value to the Handler and Teaches Patience in Drive catching discs happens out there. a good reward history of dog and handler sharing the disc via a bite and tug adds value to the area around the handler giving the dog a reason to hang out there…

A Faster Toss and Fetch Retrieve with 2 Discs and Bitework

Ron Watson Disc Dog Training, Latest

A few Days ago I wrote about Improving a Toss and Fetch Retrieve and said that I’d share two techniques that we use here at Pawsitive Vybe to increase our Retrieve speed in our dogs. Here’s is the first technique, Bitework. These techniques will be covered in complete detail in pictures and video in our Disc Dog Foundation Class which …

Bite as Cookie

Bite as Cookie

Ron Watson Practical Bitework, Theory

When a Bite is offered as a cookie the dog has earned the right to attempt to Bite that object. It’s a very empowering experience. The dog learns that he can make the bite happen by showing some Patience, giving Eye Contact, offering a Back Up behavior, or whatever.

Bitework for Behavior

Bitework for Behavior Bitework or Tugging is a fantastic excercise for dogs. It is a personal interaction between human and dog that increases drive, creates a proper outlet for prey drive, and asks the dog to display patience and thoughtfulness in Drive. It’s great exercise and a whole lot of fun as well. While bitework has been used for some …

Loot RnD 09.19.14 – Spiffy Spinny Stuff

Ron Watson Disc Dog Life, Routine Building

Loot and Ron work on some new disc dog moves. Hat Tip to Yachi & Kosuke Hirai for the inspiration. The sequence is: Scoot to Screw Vault (Reverse Chest Vault) to something that I’m calling a Spinny Vault or a Spiffy Vault, a variation of the Japanese Dog Catch. It’s called a Screw Vault because the handler corkscrews into the …